Top Digital Marketing Tips for Small Online Businesses

So, you have finally taken the steps launched your brand-new business, but after a while, you notice you just aren’t getting the leads you had hoped for?

This is a common disappointment for many small business owners who haven’t implemented a digital marketing strategy for their new online business and are struggling to get those hits on their page.

Top Digital Marketing Tips for Small Online Businesses

This is why we have come up with some simple tips and tricks which you can implement immediately to help boost your online business and generate leads, whether you sell courses, clothes or something else.

Build your email list

This first tip is super important. Your email list is how you can build trust with your customers and you can alert them to any new products, discounts or offers at the touch of a button.

We would highly recommend having a pop up subscribe button on your website landing page, perhaps offering a free download or in exchange for them parting with their email address. Providing value is the best way to build a loyal audience who are going to buy from you time and time again.

Focus on what platforms work for you

Many new businesses make the mistake of trying to focus too hard on too many different social platforms. Do some research on your niche and figure out where you are getting the most traffic and choose maybe two accounts to focus on building.

For example, your target audience may be most active on Instagram and Facebook so you can place your attention there. It may be Twitter and Linked In. Wherever your target audience is hanging out, find it and cultivate a following there.

Build a good reputation

This tip may seem super obvious but it is surprising how few businesses focus on this point.

If you are just starting out, an excellent way to boost your business traffic is to offer your product out to people to test or use for free, in exchange for a review which they will share on their platforms, and which you can also use to grow a reviews section.

Never underestimate the power of recommendation. People will generally respond better to someone they know endorsing something, as opposing to receiving an email or add from someone they don’t know so well.

Remember, it is about building trust, producers of some of the best web hosting providers are an example of a company with a great reputation globally based on their digital marketing efforts.

Utilize video

With the rise and continued popularity of video on social platforms, there is now a unique opportunity for business owners to really put themselves at the front of their business and really speak to consumers about what they do, who they are and what they are about.

Rather than simply trying to sell to people, we now have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level and gain some true followers who will be more likely to convert to buyers.

We hope this guide has given you a few different things to think about that you can begin to put into action and see the results.