5 Tips for Easy Blog Topic Research

The most crucial part of blogging is to find new and interesting topics to write about and be in the niche of the blog. That's also the epic part of creating a successful blog, which can make or break your blogging career.
5 Tips for Easy Blog Topic Research

As a blog should get updates several times a week, we should stay ahead of the competition with having a set of topics for new write-ups.

Today I will share with you some of the most exciting and wonderful ways of finding blog post ideas and generating topics for writing your next blog posts.

These tips will help you utilize your brainstorming powers and get targeted traffic from search engines and other mediums. So, let's dig in:

1. Solve Problems and Answer Questions

The most common way of writing a blog post is to solve a problem under your niche and answer industry-related questions, and that's one kind of way most of the blogs are successful today.

Here's a problem, that how we can get relative questions and how to find what people are looking for in our niche?

The best way is to join relevant to your niche Facebook and LinkedIn groups where most of the people are asking questions on a daily basis and looking for ways to solve or resolve a problem.

You can use search option or check out groups on a daily basis and note down the most relevant and most asked questions, then write answers with accurate and in-depth solutions and share on threads from where you got those questions.

This way you will get targeted people to read your blog and easily get high converting audience with most fresh blog post topic ideas.

2. Content Research Tools

If you have covered so much topic around your niche blog or micro niche blog and now nothing left, then the most exciting way of researching topics is to use a content research tool.

Tools like BuzzSumo and ContentStudio are available online to get a glimpse of what is trending over a preferred time and you can use them to find relative to your main keywords content.

You can then find the gaps between that already published articles and further improve the solutions provided by others at your own blog.

This is what most of the professional bloggers are doing right now and getting tons of visitors and hundreds of blog post ideas.

3. Publish Reviews

I know, one thing comes to your mind when someone says that you should write and publish reviews about different products and services in your industry.

As most of the products and services are paying for publishing a review and why you should post that for free?

Well, the main thing here is you can get paid per referral from most of the services and products online. Yes, most of them are offering a commission for every customer you send to them and its enough for a new blog to publish reviews.

Every blogging niche have thousands of products to write about and if you think there's nothing in your niche for a review post then look at Amazon books and you will find a relative book.

Not to forget, Amazon is paying you an advertising fee for each customer you send to them and this review publishing is an endless blog topic idea.

4. Write from Knowledge Bases

This is a totally new way of generating hundreds of new blog post ideas and these ideas will surely skyrocket your traffic and blog post rankings.

How it works?

Simply, go ahead to your industry's top service provider or famous product seller and check their knowledge base or help docs. If they have a forum, check that too and find most common issues.

Now go ahead and start writing simple solutions about those most common issues and give a fix of each issue to your readers.

This is a very unique and best method of generating new blog post topic ideas and get people to read your blog on a daily basis.

5. Be Local

Don't go for traffic from other countries where CPC (Cost Per Click) is higher and can give you more earnings at your Adsense account, rather than wasting your time in this you can be local and talk about the things happening around you.

Yes, this will help you with easy nonrecognition and people will start noticing your blog and yourself too. This will also help you to easily write about the events, seminars, and conventions on your blog and get them to share those blog posts on their official social media handles.

You can also talk about international events, this way you will have some blog post topics to write about every week and it will help you increase your brand awareness and get targeted traffic too.

If you are still in doubts of how to find new blog post ideas and looking for more methods then write your questions right in the comments form below and I will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks for the read!