How To Write A Better Blog Post - A DIY Guide

Writing a blog is may become headache sometimes.

The strange things happens all the time we want to write something quickly.

This seems right that every blogger have his own style for presenting a blog post.

If you wanted to make your own style. Than and To be consistent on uniqueness of your writings you have to follow my guidelines.

For becoming literally good in blog posts and making reputation in reader's heart.

We have to learn a lot. Your blog's ranch will become greener after implementing below tips. Let's read!
How To Write A Better Blog Post - A DIY Guide
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A Do It Yourself (DIY) Guide For Writers

Here is a organized guide on writing a better and great blog post on any topic. Let's learn how you can do it.

Give Priority To Your Audience's Demands

This will create an ease in finding new topics to blog on. Before writing on any topic, firstly take a review for what your audience like to read on your blog. Be in perceive using below methods:
  • 1. Do a audit your blog's performance on daily basis
Like what keywords people type and visit your blog for a longtime than. You can have organized data from Google Analytics. Use that searched keywords to make a research on your blogging topics.
  • 2. Underlying methods can be a good choice
Yes! It worth

Use your top ten last seven days posts and also your top 10 last month's posts. Use them for creating new title of a your new blog post. Using them you can find new topics related to your audience's likes.
  • 3. Curate ideas from your audience's comments
This might not work with starters!

Others can take benefit out of it. You can reply to readers comments and than ask for re-commenting on your newer posts. Sometimes readers can thought you a good tip.
Don't forget them. Do add those comments to your next blog posts.

Start With A Solid Title!

Yeah! After above methods you can easily create an title for your next blog post. Just write in your title bar and start writing about. With a solid blog post title you can focus on your writings. Read more!
  • 1. Use a to-the-point title
For example: You are a health blogger. Ready to make an article on "diseases". What you will write on it? probably you can't write a single line. But! With a working topic/title you can easily write a lengthy blog post. To be good in this step. Audit your audience's views and other factors. Than! Create a title first, and start writing immediately (you have the right to change your post title later).
  • 2. Just write what you think
Be conscious, and write all the things comes to your mind. Don't worry about formatting of your articles. You can design it later. Write the lines comes to your mind quickly, before they go behind your imaginations.
  • 3. Just write, write and write
Hm! Just write all the things you are imaging about in your blog post editing area. Be a quicky in typing, so you can easily and nicely describe your thinking.

Let's format your copy

After searching, researching and writings. It's time to design your blog post for a perfect eye-catching content piece to reader. Pamela Wilson says:
"Writing less and styling your text so it’s easy to read could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention."

  • 1. A good and organized article can be a fruit to your reader
You can format you writings to many parts. Just like a intro and body, than conclusions. You can use headings and sub-headings for making a difference in paragraphs. Give number to number pointing list for reader, so he/she can read easily.
  • 2. Don't break up the text
Some says: Break up the text. I say don't break up the text, instead design it.

Yup! You can design your copy to the high level. For example: You have a 1200 words article written, would you like to delete 200 words just for sake of breaking text?. Probably no one like to do this shit.
  • 3. Instead breaking the text format it professionally
Formatting and organizing text/post is what comes in the game of creating a good blog post very first.

Try to design your copy using some good techniques, like below ones.
  1. Use headings: Headings can be a good choice for making an article point to point
  2. Bullet and Numbered lists: It can be a good move for tips and other type of article.
  3. Bold text and images: You can add a featured (high quality) image and bold the must read text in blog post.

Other items to add

You can add more things in your blog post if needed.
  • Try to add a related post plugin in half-end of blog posts.
  • Try to add some social share buttons below title of articles.
  • After 75% area of full article you can add a CTA. It can be good move for generating more leads.
And the sidebars:

Make use of your blog's sidebars. Add top blog post links to sidebars and also add some recent/related blog post too.


So! This is what I like to do with great and better blog post.

You know this is a DIY post it means you can do it yourself. Yeah! All that methods can be done by yourself. You can tell us more tips to add in our next blog posts.

Let's chat in comments area :) happy Blogging!