14 Official Google Analytics Channels To Follow

After acquiring from Urchin Google gives the Analytics tool a new look in 2006. The launch date/year of this tool was 2005. It is actively offering the best analysis of any website for free. You can even review your Google adwords campaigns. A organized dashboard is key feature in Google Analytics. It also has a tool "real time analysis", so you can keep an eye on live reporting of your user's actions.
14 Official Google Analytics Channels To Follow
There are many other features are available in Analytics. We will describe all that in our next blog post. Now go and check how you can keep updated with news and latest features of this tool. Here is a list of 14 Official Google Analytics Channels To Follow for bloggers and webmasters.

Social Profiles/Channels of Google Analytics

1. Google Analytics on Twitter:

Yes! The service has a twitter account and its verified. Means not bull shits. You can get news and trends about tool straight in your twitter news-feed. Open Official Twitter Account.

2. Google Analytics on Facebook:

Yeah! I know you are thinking about "if they have account on Twitter than they must have one on Facebook". Its true they have it. Tool's team is available for you to give updates to your Facebook feed. Open Official Facebook Account.

3. GA academy on Google+:

Hm! Google is now providing you free schooling on Analytics from their Google+ page. You can learn core features of Google analytics from that academy. Open Official Academy Page on Google+.

4. Google Analytics on Google+:

Without a academic page. They have an official page on Google+ too. You can get tips on tool from you Google+ friends and the tool team always with you with new updates. Open Official Google+ Page.

5. Google Analytics on YouTube:

You can get latest tips and guides on GA from YouTube in videos. It maybe make an ease in many individual's learning point. You can learn about advertising too. Open Official YouTube Channel.

Other Official Channels of Google Analytics!

6. Google Analytics URL Builder

You can add parameters to URLs in your custom campaigns. So! You can get information about all that links you added parameters on. It will give you the details about that link. Read more about Analytics URL Builder.

7. Google Analytics Solution Gallery

The power of GA is here. Newbies and even pros can learn something new from this tool. You can have many tools there for making your learning more effective. Open Solution Gallery.

8. Google Analytics Partners

Google is better at partnership. You can have many enterprise and business solution via Google's partners. Open Partners Area.

9. Google Analytics Certifications and Trainings

Yes! You can learn online about analysis of web. You can also get a certificate from Google for your trainings at GA. Open Certification Page. Be a Google certified Analytics professional.

10. Google Analytics Forums

You can ask and answer to the questions on GA forums for free. No signup required use your Gmail for signing in. You can get all the information about GA from that forums. Open GA Forums.

11. Google Analytics Official Academy

People love online courses. They pay for great courses. We can see on many platforms only one course can cost you $100. What if you got that course for free ? and amazing thing is: you can get it from Google. Open Free Courses Now.

12. Google Analytics Developers

Are you a developer? want more deep information? here is a solution. GA developers page can give you something more than traditional GA. Open Developers Area.

13. Google Analytics Help Center

At GA help center you can get answers to frequently asked question on the topic of GA. This is a official team handled solution for giving you the answers. Open The Help Center.

14. Google Analytics Blog

Hm! They have a blog too. You can follow the blog using your email or you can bookmark it for getting news about GA and latest features information. Open Official Blog.

Final words:

So! All that channels are for Google Analytics only. You can follow them for getting latest and precious information on GA topic. Be happy and happy Blogging!