New Features In Windows 10 For Entrepreneurs

This is 2015 a year full of amazing happenings in technology world. Here is what Microsoft do to live in tech industry like no one. As you can see Microsoft's move to windows 10  instead of windows 9 is great opportunity for all of us (entrepreneurs). As entrepreneurs loves the free stuff with great features. Windows 10 can be a perfect for choice for PC users. Also you can have it on tablets and smartphones too.
The best thing in windows 10 is you can upgrade your PC's operating system to Microsoft's W10 version for free. Yes! Without any cost. Believe me or not: There is no other OS great as windows 10 for now. 
Windows 10 live viewYou have all the things amazingly organized and categorized in a entrepreneur's style. You can navigate your OS using your voice and also you can do multitasking using this amazing OS.

Best Features In Windows 10 For Entrepreneurs

Here I'm explaining you the latest, best, wonderful and new features of windows 10 for entrepreneurs and other people in this world.

Personally I am in love with this update by Microsoft. This OS is making devices to behave like humans. If you want to know how. Than! Read below.

It's Cortana. Not just start menu!

In windows8 you can't find a start menu. But! Here in windows10 its back with a great tool Cortana. You can pin your favorite apps and can search instantly by typing the name of your desired application.
Anything you can ask Cortana to do for you in windows 10
You know: Anything you can ask Cortana to do for you in windows 10. Cortana is a digital personal assistant. Basically you can search anything in your device using this search engine. Sign in with a Microsoft email and you can set calenders, events and many other alerts.

Multitasking is easy now!

This is what we can call a real entrepreneur's feature in Windows 10. Entrepreneurs loves to have such tool in a OS.
Personally I have a dream to do multitasking with a PC without virtual desktop and Microsoft makes it true.
You can now add new desktops to your computer, by moving windows between them, and just jump between desktops by pressing only Win-Tab. This is amazing!!

I think that was the new things for entrepreneurs!

No More! That was the main-new things in windows 10 for a real entrepreneur. If you thing it have more, than tell us in comments.

There are some improvements in Internet Explorer as its gets new name "Microsoft Edge". Enjoy :)