Beginners Guide: How To Start a Blog from Scratch

Are you a blogger? or just starting to learn to blog? and you want to take part in the blogging era?

Since the start of blogging it's become the king's business for entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs love to blog on their favorite topics.

For starting an online business or making a platform where you are the boss.

You should try blogging.

Because at your blog:

You are the only boss of yours. No one will dare to spy on you or give you the hard orders.
Beginners Guide on How To Start a Blog from Scratch in 7 steps
Before starting a blog. You have to read this article for must. So let's read it and find out needy things before starting a blog.

1. Choose a topic (niche)

The essential step before starting any blog is choosing a niche.

You know how to choose one? Probably no. Read the method of choosing a niche.
  1. Think about your hobbies and what is the topic you can write about on daily basis.
  2. Check it on Google. For example if you are interested in clothing niche, then try to search cloths and clothing tips alike keywords.
  3. Make some notes of effectively used keywords in Google, and think about the name of your blog (relative to clothing niche).
Do keyword research with online tools like and others.

Now you will have a great name for your blog. Read 2nd step.

2. Choose a perfect blogging platform

After choosing a niche and blog name, here is the 2nd step for creating a blog from scratch.

There are many platforms available for creating your blog. Many platforms are the best choice of professionals.

Here is the list of top 5 blogging platforms where you start your first blog:
All above platform are free to use with limited actions like no custom domain and space limit.

But! The benefits are:
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free sub-domain
  • Free themes/templates
It is enough to start a blog.

3. Design your blog or select a good theme/template

Now the 3rd step is to design your blog as best as you can.

You can make a different with just design of your blog because of:
  • Responsiveness is a need for mobile readers
  • A good design can engage visitors
  • People will trust on you because of your cool design
There are many other benefits of having a well designed blog and many ways to do so.

If you started a blog on then you can download free templates from our Templates category.

4. Write what you can explain very well

You have the niche, you have the platform and you have the perfect designed blog.

Now it's time to write some blog posts.

If you would like to stand in crowd like a boss. Then read my guidelines for writing a good blog post:
  1. Solid blog post title
  2. Format your writtings
  3. Add other items (conclusions area and call-to-action)
By reading my guidance on writing a blog post you can write even better.

5. Do search engine optimization (SEO)

Now you can start search engine optimization for your blog.

NOTE: Before starting this you have to read my blog post about "SEO is Nothing".

Now read out the main points for doing SEO on your blog:
  • Grab your blog's name on all major social media networks and automate the profiles to share your blog post when published
  • Make relationship with fellow bloggers and leave comments on their blogs with backlink to your blog (backlinking)
  • SEOptimize your blog's images
There are many factors to have in mind while SEOptimizing your blog.

For image SEO you can read my blog post "Optimize Images for Better SEO".

6. Make relationship with fellow bloggers

As I said in 5th step try to make relationship (friendship) with your fellow bloggers and marketers.

It is a great thing to consider for improving your authority and audience quality, because of:
  • Fellow bloggers will comment on your blog as you comment on theirs
  • They will share your blog posts as you share theirs
  • You can go out of blogging problems by the help of your fellow bloggers
  • People will trust on your writings
That is why I repeating this sentence "Make relationships with fellow bloggers".

It doesn't mean to have some pro bloggers as a friend at your social media profiles. You have to gain their trust, not just accept as a friend in social media :) 

7. Be a master in your niche

All above things are done?

Now keep struggling and repeat 4 to 6th steps for better blogging career.

Yes! You can be a master in any niche you selected in 1st step. I know there are many competitors ready to eat your newly born blog.

But! Having patience and well in mind can give you the strength to do hard work.
Try, try and try again, success will be yours In-Sha-Allah

Final words


I know now you want to comment on this blog post.

So! What are you waiting for?

Comment here all your questions and I will give you the answers with suggestions. Thanks for reading.