5 Reasons To Use WordPress As A Blogging Platform

WordPress is the most used content management system and blogging platform used by millions of bloggers and entrepreneurs of all kinds. With thousands of plugins and themes, WordPress is a multi-functioned CMS of today.

As you can see that I have tagged this blog posts under the Ask Me label because most of my readers and followers on social media accounts often ask me a simple question that which blogging platform is better and why to use WordPress?

5 Reasons To Use WordPress As A Blogging Platform

So for them, I am here to give a quick checklist on information answering that why we should WordPress as a blogging platform and how it can help us grow our blogs into online businesses. However, many other blogging platforms are really great and make sense but when someone is looking to do much more with his blog then WordPress is the first choice.

If you don't know how to start a blog then read how to start a WordPress blog guide and get a free domain with a hosting plan and auto WordPress install option.

That guide will walk you through the easiest steps to create your first WordPress blog with self hosting option and take it to next level by knowing why it's important and what exactly you can do with WordPress. There are hundreds of ways to use WordPress for converting your ordinary blog into a really amazing website.

So read about the top 5 reasons to use WordPress as a blogging platform and take your business online.

1. In Use of Professionals

The very first thing to notice for getting an answer to your question is there are thousands of professional bloggers and successful marketers who are using WordPress as a blogging and content management system to deliver the best support to their readers and clients. Some of the most famous and great websites created using WordPress CMS are listed below:
  • TechCrunch
  • BBC America
  • The New Yorker
  • MTV News
  • Bloomberg Professional
  • Variety
  • Sony Music
They all are using WordPress to deliver content to their readers and customers. If they are successful with WordPress a free content management and multi-user system then why you can't? The most amazing thing is they all are using the same WordPress software which you can download for free from WordPress.org website and start your own WordPress blog in minutes.

2. Lots of Themes

With thousands of high quality and up to the standards of new web-design trends WordPress themes one can easily create an outstanding and responsive website in just a few minutes. Even you can get free WordPress themes from the WordPress themes directory and use them for technology-related blogs, health niche blogs, news websites, eCommerce store websites and even you can get free themes to make your WordPress site a social media platform.

Yes, we can easily create a social media platform where users can really upload images, update statuses, and do live chat. Everything can be done on WordPress by finding relative themes in the directory or you can find more high quality themes on ThemeForest and some other platforms. There are many private companies and WordPress theme developers who are selling and giving free WordPress themes.

For testing purposes, you can also find nulled WordPress themes. In other words, you can download premium WP Themes for free, but its illegal so its better to test those themes and if you are satisfied with one then buy a license from the original owner/creator.

3. Every Type of Plugins

Just like themes, WordPress is the #1 content management system which is available to download for free and comes with thousands of pre-build and ready to use plugins and this is the third of top 5 reasons to use WordPress. With free and paid WP plugins we can actually make a significant change in our WordPress sites. We can increase the SEO potential, we can reduce loading speed, we can use WP Plugins to enable hidden functionalities of WordPress eco system and also there's much more we can do with many free and paid WordPress plugins.

There are some plugins which you must have on your WordPress installation and they are:
  • Jetpack
  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Nivo Slider
  • W3 Total Cache
You can install of them for free and some of these best WordPress plugins will also charge you for providing extra good features. However, these are the very basic WP Plugins to make your blog/site stable. You can use many other available plugins to sky rocket your site and change the site to any other type like viral websites, news websites, social media sites or video sharing sites. Its up to you, you can do everything on WordPress with using plugins.

4. Support

No doubts that WordPress is giving you support through their forum, but when it comes to a real support for fixing errors in your WordPress installation or fixing some problems which you may face during working on a WordPress theme, plugin or something else nobody will be there to help you but you can find a lot of articles, video guides and more data to fix common problems with WordPress.

There are some steps you can take when you are facing an error with your WordPress site and these are:
  • Ask your hosting provider to fix the error (they will do it for free)
  • Ask any of your fellow WordPress user to tell you about that particular error
  • Try reading some guides about your error by searching the problem on Google
You can also contact me for common WordPress problem and I will fix them for you. There are hundreds of websites and blogs busy in creating WP Guides and making everybody else learn how to use WordPress and fix its errors. So that you don't need any support team and don't have to worry about any error in WordPress site. You will also have a backup at your Hosting account so that you can quickly get your WordPress site fixed by contacting your hosting provider and it will cost you nothing.

5. Advancement

As of course so many bloggers are talking about why to use WordPress and giving their suggestion by writing about people's reactions to WordPress CMS. However, I am not reading anybody else' content to show you what I think about WordPress. I am just explaining reality here and talking about my own experience with WordPress.

Currently as far as I know WordPress is the easiest way to create any type really any type of website.

For example, there are website types I can easily create with WordPress in just 30 minutes and they are:
  • Blog (content management system)
  • Gallery (portfolio or showcase sites)
  • Video Sharing (a site like YouTube)
  • Membership site (a site where people can get membership paid or free)
  • eCommerce (an online store for people to buy and sell things or just buy your items)
  • Social Media Network (a website totally like Facebook)
And most of all, we can easily create a viral website with WordPress where people will add the articles, images, videos, and create polls and more things and you have to approve each post or set it on auto-approval and create the next viral website of yours. You can also create a news website and use WordPress plugins to put everything on autopilot and make WordPress update news articles even when you are not writing or publishing them (I can do it for you).

So, these are the very basic things on why to use WordPress and reasons on why people are using WordPress even for many big websites. If you need to know more facts about WordPress or need guidance then comment below and share this article with your friends.