Traffic Sales: Where Your Focus Needs to Be

Traffic. It’s how you get conversions, right? It’s how you get sales, right?

Well, yes, this is true.

If you have a site and no one comes at all, you certainly won’t make a sale.  And most owners, including you, probably use analytics to keep track of the number of visitors.
Traffic Sales: Where Your Focus Needs to Be

When your numbers are increasing, you get excited.
But Here are the Two Questions You Need to Ask:
  1.     Is your increase in traffic also getting you an increase in sales?
  2.     What are you doing with the traffic that is arriving?
If your answers to these questions are none and nothing, then that traffic is meaningless.

Let’s take a look at an example. You have written a blog post that is engaging, entertaining, and educational as well. A few people who have read it loved it and shared the link to it. Their communities linked to your post and shared it too.

You are getting a big surge in traffic, maybe a couple hundred visitors, but it is short-lived and no new conversions have occurred, even though you have plenty of opportunities for visitors to do so.

Now, suppose that post’s traffic has improved your Google page rank. From that ranking, you are getting maybe five-six new visitors each day who have conducted organic searches using search terms that bring up your post.

The difference between these two groups of visitors besides their size is that one group came to see something that was cool and the other group has come because they have been looking for what you are offering.

That interest may initially be in your blog post, but this second group comprises the kind of traffic you want – these are the visitors you can capture and convert.

The Lesson: If your goal is profit, it still makes sense to focus on essential SEO strategies. You can use your social media platforms to establish relationships and spread your brand, of course, and that is important marekting strategy, but do not forget that SEO will bring quality traffic in.

Other Means to Bring in the Right Kind of Traffic

If you want the right kind of traffic, you have to target the right audience. You have heard this before, of course, but it still rings true. Here are tips for you to get that right audience.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

Use PPC advertising on social media. Better to use your analytics to learn which people have come to your site and lingered and looked around for a while. You can target them on social media with ads that will remind them that they were on your site, read a blog post and then lingered and looked around for a while.

You can then re-target them and remind them that they were on your site and what they looked at. You are now using analytics in the right way – digging much deeper than just counting traffic.

2. Affiliates

Get review articles out there from affiliates. You can set up reciprocal arrangements for this. Think about it. When people are considering purchases, they want to know what others are saying about those products.

They will search for feedback and comments, and you can orchestrate the feedback and comments that are out there.

3. Engage Readers

Keep visitors coming back with high quality content.

If your blog and the rest of your site is educational, entertaining, and provides a great variety of types of content, especially visuals, video, and opportunities to interact with that content, you will get loyal followers. When they are ready to buy, they’ll buy from you.

4. Do Promotions

Promote your content everywhere, especially on your social media platforms, on blogs of related niches, and on social media pages and accounts on which you can comment.

Join in on conversations all over the place; get on Quora and answer questions related to your niche.

5. Post Regularly

Keep your blog up to date by posting frequently. When you do that your current followers will stay with you and keep coming back.
Traffic that you get as a result of these efforts will be the right traffic – people who have an interest in your product or service.

It is your job to keep yourself in front of their eyes with continued great content; it is your job to show them the value and the benefit they derive from purchasing from you.

And it is your job to dump your focus on the amount of traffic you get and keep your eye on the real prize – that smaller group of people who have the potential to be your customers.
Guest contribution by Diana Beyer: she is experienced and self-driven media expert at Her purpose is to share values amid those interested. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Connect with Diana though Twitter.