10 Websites To Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

10 Websites To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

Freelancing is enabling beginners at online work to understand the internet in more ways and make some money while its helping professionals to get high paying projects and earn thousands of dollars doing what they are expert in.

If you are looking to earn money online via freelancing or get the answer to your questions like how to make money fast, how to make money online, how to make $1000 a day and have some skills which you can utilize to do freelancing then its for you. Otherwise, you can also try some of the great freelance platforms to check that you can do it or not.

The most searched and needy jobs at all the freelance platforms are content writing and every industry needs a content writer to help them do work on time and as per as their requirements and engage readers. Instead of hiring copywriters and content writers at offices and paying them on monthly whether companies have work or not they can hire contract based writers and pay them on per word or per article basis.

Yes, you heard it right, companies and professionals are paying writers per word and per article was written so that you can easily get paid for each word you type.

5 Important Things You Need to be a Writer:

There are several things you may need to have in your mind for succeeding as a writer and making more money in your spare time and then leave your 9 to 5 job which is a real frustration for some of the individuals.

So read a list of things you need to understand for becoming a great writer:
  • Time: The most precious thing you need is the time to think before writing or research paper on your topic
  • Writing Style: You need to create your own writing style, as I always tend to write as I am teaching something
  • Speed: Not just typing speed, you need to have the fastest brain to think about creative writing ideas more faster
  • Change: Many times you have to write about a totally different topic so for that you have to be a person who loves changes and accept them easily
And the most amazing way to write engaging content which your clients will love is to write for one person and target that reader by writing as you talk. This way you can make your clients happy so they will give you more orders and you can start your own writing business in no time.

So now check out the list of top 10 websites for finding freelance writing jobs when you are a beginner:

1. Fiverr (a freelancing marketplace)

Fiverr.com is a freelancing platform and its a best remote freelance writing jobs network for both gig seller and gig buyer to complete small tasks and manage a project on a demand basis. With their own rule of $5 per gig, people are posting many jobs there starting from $5 and pay you up to $200+ per gig. You can immediately start selling your services on Fiverr by creating a free account and adding your short info about what you can do or your expertise.

There are some services you can easily sell on Fiverr to make money:
  • Writing (blog content, copywriting)
  • SEO services (backlinks and reports)
  • Videos (animated videos and testimonials)
So that you can start selling a 400 words article for $5 on Fiverr. With this platform, you will get badges as you grow and complete new projects and deliver orders on time with the best rating possible. The more badges you get the more orders will be at your door. Getting first orders is really a hard work on Fiverr but when you start getting orders and you are writing high-quality articles, you will immediately start charging more and getting tips from the best orders. All you have to do is just write a good description for your gigs and use an eye catchy title for your gig and make bundles for your services so that you can get more orders and charge big bucks.

2. Freelancer (freelancing platform)

Freelancer.com is a platform for freelance services for both the client and the freelancer. There are millions of jobs posted on the platform and being posted every day so that there's a chance that you can land a freelance writing job from Freelancer platform. You can create a free account and then start finding part time freelancing jobs or you can search for long term projects as there are businesses need you to work on their guidelines and provide your writing services for a long run.

With Freelancer you can provide these top services and make money online:
There are a number of other categories and industries for which you can provide your services but the best way to make money using Freelancer is to provide freelance writing services and easily get paid. People on this network are looking for freelance creative writing jobs and translation jobs are also being posted. So be active on this platform and find your writing work.

3. FreelanceWriting (a dedicated writing services platform)

Unlike above two big freelancing platforms this network at FreelanceWriting.com is not a mess with all the other jobs online. FreelanceWriting network is just for writers and people who need writing services online. Everybody can register as a writer and start bidding on live projects and whenever someone likes your bid and profile he/she will hire you so that you can write and get paid.

There are some types of online writing jobs you can start doing at this network and get paid:
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Other
Almost every type of writing jobs are being posted on this website and they update the site in real time so that every time you search for online writing jobs you will get new jobs to bid on and that's how you can keep yourself busy in writing work and stay on track to earn money writing online.

4. Craigslist (classifieds website)

Craigslist.com is a no doubt platform to find legit writing jobs online by big and small companies with worldwide access. You can easily find paid writing jobs online at Craigslist and not just writing work, you can find other jobs as well like plumber jobs, driver jobs, office jobs and also finance-related jobs in tax and accounting and almost every other industry/market.

Normally you don't have to create an account or spend time bidding on projects and jobs, they just show a list of fresh writing jobs posted by others and give you details about their contact information and job terms.

Note: If you are looking for accountants or tax advisors, you can contact Fusion Accountants and get the real help.

So that you can personally contact the job poster and start your writing project. On Craigslist you will find long term writing jobs, that's a cool thing to keep on making money writing online.

5. MediaBistro

MediaBistro.com is providing you an opportunity to find writing and editing jobs to make your career bigger with many types of writing jobs like editing, journalism, reporting, copy editing, freelance writing and many other type of writing jobs. They are also making you able to find part time, full time and contract based writing jobs posted by companies and individuals.

From best media companies you can find jobs in main categories of:
  • General Writing
  • Editorial Writing
  • Copy Editing/Writing
So that you can easily find a best and suitable to you writing job online. With this platform its very easier to find paid freelance writing jobs from home and write to get paid.

6. Guru (a freelancing platform)

Guru.com is another great freelancing platform where you can give almost every kind of freelancing services. If you can write better and have an internet connection then the best way around to get paid to write is to find writing jobs on Guru as its the best freelancing platform for many kinds of small tasks and big projects.

On Guru you can find top writing jobs and make money in categories of:
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Proofreading
This is something extra ordinary for people who are eager to start their online writing business and do work on their own schedules and make an impact on the writing industry. As Guru is a platform which can turn you into a celebrity and make you get more projects easily. So check it out.

7. JournalismJobs

JournalismJobs.com is a classified job listing platform for journalism jobs and everybody can apply or find journalism writing jobs online. With this platform you can find freelance writing jobs in categories like:
  • Newspapers
  • Government
  • Radio
So, there are making you able to work in media industry as a writer and do everything from your comfort zone. You can say that you are working at a media firm and earning money online. That's pretty impressive to many people around you.

8. Contena

Contena.com is one of the most amazing and simple freelancing platforms which are focusing on just the work. On this platform you can easily find fresh writing, editing and blogging gigs for which you will get paid easily. If you are finding freelance writing jobs for beginners then this platform may help you.

You can go to the website and then a free account and browse through the mostly fresh and updated list of writing gigs.

They are also enabling marketers and other bloggers to earn even without writing for the clients by joining their affiliate network.

9. Twitter (social media network)

I know that you are surprised to see that we can use Twitter.com to find writing jobs and gigs. But the best part of this mention is you can easily use Twitter to find paid writing jobs and apply for them. The most easiest way to find freelance writing jobs is:
  • Go to Twitter and login with your ID then search for hashtags like #PaidWritingJobs #WritingJobs #WriteForUs #OnlineWritingJobs #WritersWanted and just like that
We can also do this on Facebook and Google+ but the best way around on a social media network for finding paid writing jobs online is to use Twitter. So try this too.

10. Personal Website

You can use your own personal blog or website to land freelance writing jobs as companies and individuals are really finding new writers to low down their costs and also test new talent. You can start a personal blog or design a website on your name and add a services page with details about your experience as a writer and showcase your recent work.

You can have a portfolio of your work and also you can publish blog posts to reach out the clients and show them your writing skills with your blog post. With this you can also let them know you and see your real work on your blog posts.

I am doing this last thing to find writing projects and make money writing for others. Tell me what you are doing to get paid writing jobs in the comments for below and share this article with your friends.