Franchising: How To Build A Brand From Your Small Business

First of all, here's the definition of franchising:
Franchising in real world is about giving authority to another business or person to use your business (brand) name and do business under your name and provide your services to another area (demographic). It can be anything in small to large business from services, product selling to food chain and hotels. This way anybody can buy a license from you or sign an agreement for giving you a percentage of earnings on a monthly or weekly basis and in return you will provide all of your services to the franchisee and you will be the franchisor and able to extend your brand awareness to any area of the world by selling more franchise licenses.
This is the most exciting and easiest way to convert your small business idea into a multi-million business and create your own brand.
Franchising: How To Build A Brand From Your Small Business

But, there are some key takeaways and tips which you should read and understand before starting to sell your franchises. So let's read how you can build a brand from your small business and keep going big:

1. Have A Great Business Name

Whatever your business is about, it have to show some quality in the name and the business name should be brand-able and easy to remember.

For an example you can see KFC. They are using a short version for their full name which is "Kentucky Fried Chicken".

You can do the same thing with your own small business name for converting that to a brand-able name which other business owners will love to have on their plans without thinking that your name will not standout.

Some people use their own names in business names and this is the worst thing when your name is a common name and every 5th person is at title of your name.

You should use a unique and easy to spell and easy to remember name which will represent your original services.

2. Don't Cross The Borders

If you are a small business owner and looking to expand your business for more earnings and make it a brand then you must look at your feet.


Well, I am not saying that you should look right down at your feet. Actually I am try to explain that you shouldn't cross the borders for having some franchisees to use your business name and expand the services rapidly.

As when in first some franchises you are going to have a franchise in another country than you will definitely in a big loss.

You first have to expand your business in your city area then in district and after having a name in these areas you can have some franchises at other cities of your country.

After creating a name in your country you can then try having your own service in another country and then from your own business center start selling franchises their and give them services from that country.

Don't burden yourself on travel costs and cut-down more special costs by having your own head-office and main franchise at 2nd country.

3. Consistency In Product Quality

Your business can be anything and it can be a physical or digital product which you are providing and the same will be provided by your franchises.

So, if you become able to keep consistency in your product quality then whatever your product is you will get more exposure and free of cost advertising (word of mouth marketing).

As people from all around the world love to spread the word about their great experiences with most of the services they use or happen to.

How to stay consistent on product quality?
  • Always check and re-check products before shipping
  • Listen to your customers and ask for their reviews/feedback
  • Don't compromise on prices and use same ingredients whether the prices are going high or low
And do check your work-places on your own and always visit every corner of your working area on a daily basis to make sure all of your employees are working fine and nobody is taking a rest at a peak time.

There are a number of other creative ways to keep the product in quality and improve it. We will talk about this in our next publications.

4. Educate Your Franchisee

The most precious and easiest way to tackle problems with ease for making your small business a big brand is to educate your franchisee on some basic things.

You have to create a list of basic things which should be the same as you have at your main service center and tell your franchises that he/she shouldn't compromise on these particular matters.

That points can be:
  • Ingredients of products
  • Way of presenting the product to the customers
  • Staff uniform
  • Design of the building and where to put your logo
  • Prices and menu books
And also educate your franchisee on how to pamper your customers and how to receive their complains and resolve some minor issues.

5. Advertisement Ideas

Last and not least at-all.

You have to make your franchisees to agree on advertising their franchises with big advertising budgets and give them notes on how they can target the exact audience and where they should spend that advertising budget.

Don't take pride in asking them to give their advertising budget to you and you will advertise their franchises in their area.

As you will fail to do this and the end will be not nice. Instead, you should ask them to advertise on their local TV channels, use social media networks and invest in putting banner ads on billboards across the city.

Most brands are using billboards and road ad boards to increase their customers and brand awareness.

You can do the same or create a team of expert advertisers and marketers then ask them to brainstorm a customer advertising strategy for your business.

So, in my final words, all I have to say is "converting a small business into a big brand is not as easy as reading this article".

You have to face so much problems and have to be at a great patience to conquer problems in handling everything and plus this you can ask me anything related to franchise business using the comment form right below.