Full stack development? What exactly is it?

Many people don't understand what full stack development is and in this short article, we explain it. A full stack development service is basically a development service that refers to both sides; the front (client side) and backside (server side) of a web application. Not only working on “both ends”, but full stack development also works on databases and debugging the web application itself.

Full stack development? What exactly is it?

Following are the technologies associated with full stack development:

Front side: This side is directly related to user experience. In other words, the user only deals with the front side, not the backside. The front end is built by technologies embodied in programming languages ​​such as:

- HTML: This programming language is a combination of Hypertext and Markup language. Hypertext has a function to define links between web pages while Markup language functions in documenting text in tags, which is ultimately responsible for defining the structure of web pages.

- CSS: This is a simple programming language designed to simplify the creation of web pages so that they look presentable to the user. With CSS, developers can apply their favorite styles to web pages.

- JavaScript: One of the popular programming languages ​​responsible for the functionality and interactivity of websites.

Back side: This side deals with the server-side development that manages the database. The management of the database is done by queries and APIs that work with user commands. This backside has three "foundational pillars" namely programming languages, frameworks, and libraries.

The programming languages ​​used to build this backside include:

- PHP: This is a server scripting language. This language is referred to as a server scripting language because it is executed only on the server side, not the user side.

- C++: This is a popular language commonly used in competitive programming.

- Python: This programming language is very much needed for efficient system integration.

- Java: It is a highly scalable programming language.

- JavaScript: Although this programming language is commonly used to build the front side it is also commonly used to build the back side because this language is useful for "all stacks."

The framework that is generally used to build the back side is Node.js. It is an open-source environment where JavaScript code execution outside the browser is performed. Again, this is an open-source environment, not a language or framework. For information, Node.js is used by big companies like Uber and PayPal to build their websites.

Whatever the side, the database is very important because it is a collection of data that is responsible for managing all functions such as reports, views, tables, schemas, and much more. There are several types of databases commonly used, such as MongoDB, Oracle, and SQL.

Because of their complexity, full-stack developers are usually paid more than “other developers.” Are you interested in becoming a full-stack developer? If yes, then you need to learn more aspects of programming languages, frameworks, open source environments, and of course databases! We hope this article was helpful and thank you for reading!