How to Remove Instagram Restriction on Anyone

Using technology in daily life is a routine now. Everyone is using social media now as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. We often block someone we don't want to be in contact any more. Or we can Restrict anyone on Instagram.

How to Remove Instagram Restriction on Anyone

But sometimes we want to undo that restriction and get in touch with that contact again. In this article we will discuss how can we remove Instagram restriction on anyone.

How to Remove Instagram Restriction on Anyone

From Profile

You can remove Instagram restriction on anyone by simply visiting their profile. Follow the steps below:
  1. On Instagram visit the profile of the person you have restricted before. There will be an alert that you have restricted that contact before.
  2. There, tap the drop-down menu.
  3. Now, click the Unrestrict button.
You have done.

How to Unrestrict Multiple Accounts

You can also remove Instagram restriction on multiple accounts at a time. To do so follow these steps:
  1. Visit Instagram on your smartphone.
  2. From the bottom navigation bar switch to the profile tab. Now, click the hamburger menu from the top right.
  3. Open Settings and go to Privacy.
  4. From Privacy section, scroll down and click on Restricted Accounts.
  5. This will show the restricted accounts list, from which you just have to tap on Unrestrict next to each restricted account.

How to Unrestrict from Instagram Chat

To unrestrict any account from Instagram chats follow these steps:
  1. Open Instagram, from the top right corner click the Messages/Chat icon.
  2. Now tap the contact's chat you want to unrestrict. From that chat simply click the Unrestrict button and this will remove restriction on that contact.
So, here is how you can remove Instagram restriction on anyone in different ways.
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