7 Reasons Why your Blog might Fail

Blogging as changed a lot in the past ten years.

We all know blogging is super competitive with the increasing in the number of new bloggers.

But the most of the bloggers fail and eventually give up in less than six months.
7 Reasons Why your Blog might Fail
According to one survey – Most bloggers quit their journey in first 90 days without making any money.
About 58 million posts are created every month. That's a hell lot.
So if you are not an authority in your niche chances are that you might not to rank and grow. Let us see some reasons why blogs fail.

1. Starting Early

Most bloggers start their blog without even knowing the basics.

I do agree that we have to begin at some point, and people learn from their mistakes and so on and so forth. But knowing the basics of blogging like:
If you don't know the answers to the above questions, then your blog will inevitably fail to grow. Make sure that you are least spent 4-5 months reading different blogs to know about the basics of blogging.

2. Money

I feel that 90% of the people who come into blogging world is purely due to money (earning money). Well, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Let's see how.

If you come into blogging thinking you will become a millionaire in the few months then you are ought to fail. Earning from blogging is difficult, and bloggers have struggled to make few dollars even after writing good content for months together.

You need to work hard at least for a year to start earning, and most bloggers tend to leave after few months.

3. Copy-Cats

There are copycats in every Industry.

Google is very strict regarding copied content, and their bots are smart enough to detect if the article is copied or not. So it is impossible to rank your blog just by copying others post. Many bloggers are unaware of these rules and what should be correctly followed and what shouldn't?

So every newbie thinks that he can make millions by just copying content from X, Y and Z blog. Well, wished this was true but sadly isn't. You ought to fail by doing this shortly.

Moreover, with Google regular updates its becoming tougher to rank even after writing original content. Just because X person is writing a blog on Y and earning Z, you will make the same as him even having no knowledge about the topic.

4. Lack of Time

Blogging is not what you do for few hours a week and hope that your blog to be successful.

It takes hours together to prepare a 1000 word article. Most newbie bloggers either go to school or college.

So they already have a busy schedule which they need to follow, and most even don't have time to play games leave blogging. It's not that you cannot manage time and do both sides by side. Many bloggers are doing the same and even are successful.

The conclusion lies that you need to take out extra time which can be from your sleeping hours or from your free time. Yes, it is almost impossible to manage time but not impossible.

5. Patience

Patience is a very crucial in blogging.

We all know that Rome wasn't built in a day. If you think that you will gain traffic just after few months, then you're mistaken. Well, it may be possible in some cases, but there is no hard and fast rule as you will grow in a set period.

Even if you are doing everything correct, it might take your blog time to grow. Most people quit blogging at a point when they see that there is no growth in their blog. But the matter of fact is that they are unaware that if would have continued for a few months they might have succeeded in their efforts.

So if you are a blogger then keep patience and work hard. You will surely succeed.

6. Niche

Choosing a niche is very crucial for being successful in your efforts.

Most people copy niche and start their blog. You should blog about a topic that you will be able to write not for few months but at least for the next ten years. Writing about that topic should not be a work for you but a passion.

Choosing a broad niche will also not solve your problem. Let's say I made a blog under the technology niche and my friend made a blog under mobile accessories. Both gave similar efforts but my friend blog grew, and mine did not. There are already 100's of big brands such as CNET, TechCrunch and much more who are impossible to beat.

Moreover, people tend to follow a micro-niche blog because they understand better and can easily find what they were looking for.

7. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is crucial for a success of a blog.

You cannot write content about something that people don't search for.  Maybe your content is very researched and very detailed but if people don't search about your topic then might receive no visitors.

So before choosing a niche or a topic to write , make sure that you have done a proper keyword research.
I hope you liked my article.

Please try to avoid these mistakes if you have recently started a new blog. I would love to see your great views below in the comment form.

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This is a guest contribution by Tuhin Adhikary the founder of SerpDaddy.com . Expert in Internet Marketing campaigns, specialised in Organic SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing.