How to Make Money by Watching Video Ads, YouTube, TV Commercials

Making money online was never that easier and might be difficult in coming years but for now, everybody can start earning money online just by watching videos. Yes, you and everybody else can make money watching video ads on YouTube or watching some TV commercials and mobile ads. This online jobs is a do-able job which you can do on the go or on your bed. There is not restricts for work place or anything like that. No requirements like paying initial deposits or providing personal information. I am updating my audience to know how they can easily earn extra cash on the spare times and this is one of the best method for all of those looking to watch videos and earn money without doing any micro job or filling any forms. However, with these online jobs you can't get rich quickly as they don't pay as much as other online money making ideas and methods are paying you. But these jobs worth your time and your try so first of all, let me give you a list of best paid to watch videos sites:
How to Make Money by Watching Video Ads, YouTube, TV Commercials

1. Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers and Commercials

There is a business called market research and people are earning hundreds of dollars doing this business. The fact is nobody can run a market research business alone and they have to hire some persons for doing small tasks and help them research the market accurately. As you know that on many platforms you have to watch thousands of videos everyday and then get paid for verified views, but with this opportunity the case is changed, you can get paid to watch movie trailers or TV commercials of many different and new brands. They require you to watch their ads and trailers because they want their products and services to standout from the crowded markets and they want to ensure that people will like their ideas.

If you can help them grow their business then why not you get paid for this job? that's how this business works and there are some really amazing platforms giving you the opportunity to work from home and watch videos to earn money online:
These are the three best platforms to try your luck and signup for free to watch videos and earn money online. They offer many types of videos and ensure you get paid for watching videos. They will give your rewards in gift cards or cash via PayPal.

2. Get Paid to Watch Netflix

If you love watching shows and TV programs on Netflix then you might be shocked to know that now you can earn money watching Netflix on any of your device. Yes, its true you can get paid to watch videos on Netflix.

As people are addicted to this service and watch thousands of hours on videos by Netflix they also want their favorite shows and movies to be categorized nicely and as you know that Netflix is standing at a huge database of video content this may sounds hard for Netflix employees to categorize the content evenly. So for making it easier Netflix opens online jobs for people who can watch their favorite shows and then tag them for better category system and they call that people taggers.

So if you want to be a part of Netflix team and organize Netflix according to your views and watch your shows then you can go to and find if there's an opening. They will pay you to tag shows and this is the easiest way to make money online watching videos of your choice.

3. Get Paid to View Ads and Watch Videos

If you are a lover of best PTC sites and love to get paid for viewing ads online then there are some platforms available for this online job. You can get paid to view ads provided by those platforms and you can also watch video ads on that platforms. As you know that many paid to click (PTC) websites are doing scam with advertisers or the users viewing those ads, thus many advertisers are leaving PTC sites to save their money and invest in other marketing methods. Sites like:
Are making it legit to advertiser and viewers. You can really get paid to view ads and watch video ads on You Cubez and the signup is free while you can get your payments via PayPal. If you can invite your friends to this platform then you can earn extra cash as they will send you commissions on earnings of your friends.

4. Get Paid to Watch Ads on Your Phone

Got a smartphone of your choice and now looking for the ways on how you can earn money with your mobile? if yes and you are here then its the point where your search should end. As there are plenty of apps available for smartphones to earn money online. I have something to share with you and its a secret app. Maybe its not but to me its a secret weapon for earning money using your phone. All you have to do is just install SlideJoy app by searching it in App Store and then register your account.

It will be activated and start showing some ads on your smartphone screen when its locked. They call it locksreen advertising and advertisers loves this type of advertising thus you can never run out of the ads. The best part is you will earn points for every screen unlock and whether you slide left or right you will earn points.

They will show some ads or news stories on your lockscreen and requires your attention so it will be better for them. However, you just have to install the app and activate it then lock your screen and start seeing ads whenever your unlock your mobile screen. After sufficient points you can get paid via PayPal.

5. Earn Money by Watching Music and TV Shows

If you love live streaming TV on your mobile devices then there is an app called Viggle which is available to download for free on any of your iOS or Android device. On this app you can start earning points for watching to the live streams of TV shows and Music. There are many channels as Live TV which you can watch and enjoy.

You can earn rewards per your watch and then redeem those points as Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Walmart and Target gift cards with some other stores or turn your viggle perk points into cash using the in app converting feature. They also give you bonus points so that you can earn even more points.

6. Earn Free Gift Cards Watching Videos

If you can earn cash by watching videos online then you can also get free gift cards watching videos and completing other small tasks online. There are some platforms available for these jobs and they have advertisers and customers who needs real people to watch videos or video ads and movie trailers.

However, with you can signup for free and start earning money online by watching videos, completing surveys, viewing websites and also by referring your friends. They are offering daily watch video offers so that you can earn CR points on daily basis and then redeem them as a gift card.

7. Earn PayPal Cash

If you are a fan of internet banking and love using your PayPal account for online transactions and getting paid via PayPal then here's the catch. You can use an app and desktop website called SwagBucks to earn money online by watching videos and completing other small tasks like surveys, shopping, playing games and searching the web.

Its a legit way to make money watching videos at any area of the selected countries and you can confidently use this platform. Plus watching videos you can also get a chance to win a play station and other gift cards as they announce sweepstakes for their users which is a plus point. You can get paid via PayPal.

8. Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

I know that it should be at #1 but there's a reason on why I am adding this at #8 and its because you can earn money watching videos on YouTube but they pay just half of a cent per YouTube video. That's not too good but bad (of-course). Still you can try a platform called which is enabling you to promote your own YouTube videos and watch others to earn money online.

If you were in search of how to make money online by watching YouTube videos then Paid2YouTube can give you that opportunity. If you want more earnings then you can comment and rate the videos so they will give you more points. You can earn up to $50 per month by renting some referrals on their site and they also paying you a little signup bonus. So try this out and start making money by watching videos on YouTube.

9. Make Quick PayPal Dollars by Watching Videos

If you want to quickly get paid for one dollar or two then is for you. They are paying for watching videos and the best part of their platform is they are enabling you to get your earnings at your PayPal account after you reach $1.10 in earnings at SuccessBux.

That's amazing, now you don't have to wait for pennies and cents to convert into dollars and wait for days to weeks. You can just get started with a free signup and watch videos or paid adverts and reach a little earning amount then payout your earnings via PayPal easily.

So, for now these 9 platforms are best and the legit ones from where you can get a free account and make money by watching videos, advertisement, YouTube and TV commercials or movie trailers. If you want more or know any other platform then comment below. Thanks for the read.