What To Do After Publishing A Blog Post? Here's The Answer!

Daily publishing a good piece of content? but getting no increase in blog traffic?

If this is the case with you and you want to conquer on this problem and have your blog standout then there are some tips which I can recommend to you and plus this I will also make sure that you can apply all of these methods for free.

As you know that I am doing blogging since years now and getting success in many ways and also getting failed. I am not that person who is just playing with blogging and getting six figure, I really do ass-off hard work to get money in my pockets via blogging. So its what you can do, but when you are just writing content and after publishing forgetting that content then you are good to get failed in near future.
What To Do After Publishing A Blog Post? Here's The Answer!

So, if you don't want to get failed like me then do read this guide about 8 things you should do after publishing a new blog post and get more traffic which will lead you to get more earnings and make your blog standout from the crowd:

1. Internal Linking

This is totally for SEO and readership. In blogging, internal linking is something we should take care of and always give some time before and after publishing the blog post. Basically there are two ways to make sure your internal linking is accurate and up to the standards of professional content marketers:
  • Before publishing internal linking
  • After publishing internal linking
So, to better describe internal linking before hitting the publish button is you should make sure that the article your writing having related keywords to your recent blog posts and you should add links to your old blog posts in your newly crafting one. This is before publishing method and you should always do it.

Now the 2nd way of internal linking is to add link of your newly published article to the old ones. All you have to do is just publish the article and then copy its URL and go to your blog editor and add that URL as a link to some of your old blog posts which are related to the topic of your new blog post. This will increase your authority over the topic and also you can get more page-views as readers will navigate through that links and Google will think that your page is enough relative to the topic you are covering so it will give you a plus in ranking signals.

2. Give A Teaser

There are social media personalities and they are not born social media experts and influencers, they have done something to become themselves. So you can do the same thing and doing that get more exposure to your blog.

This is a very simple and useful way to generate initial traffic on your blog and it can also be done before and after publishing your blog post. As here I am talking about what to do after publishing your blog post. I recommend you to soon after publishing your blog post go to your best social media network where your profile is at good standing with some really cool followers and give a teaser update like below:
  • Hi friends,

    Today going to post a useful guide about SEO in just 5 minutes from now.

    Do visit my blog "blog url here" and read my other SEO guides till you get this new one.

    PS: It will change your thoughts about SEO
That's a clever method to gain traction and have more of your followers read your old and new content. As you have already published the article you will never miss a loyal reader and you can get to low down your bounce rate as that reader will try to find more related articles as your post suggests that you have published more related content. Some social media experts are using this technique before publishing content, but they (may) are not aware of my method, so try it.

3. Influencers Outreach

Reaching out to influencers in your market and industry is one of the best ways to gain more exposure and traffic to your newly published blog post. All you have to do for getting influencers share your blog post with their audience is let them know that you are awesome and your content is great.

You also have to make a list of influencers in your industry and make a little relation with them by sharing their blog posts and talking about them in your blog posts. It may sound too heavy in terms of free publicity for them, but when you have to ask them for sharing your blog post and after publishing your blog post you should do this then you can give them some importance. If you are looking to create a list of great influencers in your industry then use these methods:
  • Go to Twitter and search for lists of influencers in your industry (they really helps)
  • Go to Facebook and join some groups and then post about your industry and ask for experts to comment so you can contact them
  • Ask any influencer marketing company to help you in reaching out to your industry leaders (they will charge you, but they give importance to your ideas)
So, that's all and there are some tools which can help you find influencers in your market and help you connect. But they also charge dollars so its better to make use of free social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for blogger outreach campaigns and social media influencer outreach which is the fruitful thing for your blog posts. You can get links and social shares after publishing your blog post by reaching out to the experts in your niche, so do it now there one share can give you a lot of traffic.

4. Use Quora

As you know that people from around the globe loves to get their questions answered by the experts and even beginners online. If you are blogger and solving an issue with your blog or your new blog post then you should make use of Quora as a traffic generating and authority making engine. After publishing your guide as a blog post your next step is to spread the world or at-least let one person know your blog post and get his question answered by yourself.

You can visit Quora and then search for your topic to checkout related questions and then you can choose the relative question to your topic and write an in-depth answer with adding link to your blog post in a proper manner. You can use call-to-action lines for getting more clicks to your blog and that lines can be like:
  • I have recently posted a complete guide on this problem (add link to complete guide text)
  • For more information, you can check my recent blog post (add link to recent blog post text)
And so on, its up to you what type of call-to-action you use in an answer at Quora. Here the only thing which can help you gain more exposure is to write at-least 3/4 answers on different but relative to your content questions and add your blog post link which will boost your rankings and give you more new loyal readers. So this is also a benefiting tip to apply after publishing your blog post.

5. Social Media Posting

While social media can get you some traffic in first share of your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Mix. You can start getting recurring traffic by sharing that one blog post on a flexible but set schedule. There are tools available for this purpose and you can use them for free or pay a little monthly fee to setup automatic social media sharing campaigns which can be easily run with your evergreen content.

So the very first thing is to create evergreen content and publish blog posts with always updated guides or tips. Then you can setup an autopilot social sharing campaign and let that platform do the rest for you. I am testing one platform for this purpose and its name is MissingLettr which is available for free to setup two social media sharing campaigns for two blog posts and one social media profile integration is available in free account.

If you can use it frequently and have enough evergreen content then you need to buy their premium plans and do it with scaling of your blog by knowing how many clicks you are getting from your campaigns and the best part is you can just give RSS url to the platform and it will setup a social media sharing campaign for your blog posts for almost one year content sharing plan which is a lot of help to a guy who have to manage other things online. So try this for every new blog post you publish, so it will give you more readers for almost a year to come.

6. Backlinks

If you are a SEO guy then you may know how much is important to create some backlinks for your newly published article and do it just after you publish your blog post. If you don't know then let me tell you that every article which is standing in the Google's first 10 results is having at-least 2 high authority backlinks.

This is not from any official report, I have manually tested it and found the reality that when we post an article and create 1 or 2 links after publishing it, it ranks better then the other blog posts. If you trust me and have guts to create some backlinks then do it right after your publish each blog post. I do it when I publish exclusive articles and guides which have high competition or high search volume. As this type of topic is what all the bloggers talks about and thus we have to make our articles standout by ranking them well on Google.

For acquiring some links to your blog posts you can find the related articles and blogs so they will be easier to add your link. All you have to do is just search for your topic in Google and then open first 20 articles, now go to their contact form pages and tell them that you liked their piece of content and would love if they will give a backlink to your well defined article relating to the same topic.

7. Audit

As you have done every basic and advance thing after publishing your blog post, if you are ready then lets make some audits on a weekly basis for 3 weeks after each published post. The thing is how to create audit? and what type of audits should we do for checking performance of the blog post?

Answer is: We have to use a tool like Google Analytics and set some goals on that page and also monitor the traffic which is from social networks, direct and search engines. Also we have to keep notes of how much duration readers spend on the page and what's the bounce rate. There are much more metrics available in Google analytics which are helping us to gain more knowledge about our blog post performance.

After getting notes, check if your blog post is getting more and more traffic as the day passes then its good and if your article is getting more and more organic traffic than its too good. But if your blog post is not getting much traffic and getting those numbers down and down then you have to do something. And that something can be like more social shares and adding more information to the article.

8. Updating

After auditing your blog post's performance, its time to update it. Whether its performing good or bad, you should update the blog post and add more information which can lead you to gain more readers and good rankings.

There are things which you can add frequently to every type of blog posts and they are like:
  • Bullet points
  • Quotes
  • Informative paragraphs
  • Related content links
  • Removing out dated information
  • Adding fresh images
Or just update the article (if its evergreen) and change the update date to fresh one. I do this to make my blog posts gain more publicity and good traffic. There are some bloggers who are doing it to drive traffic to their 5 years old blog posts. So do update your articles after you publish them.

That's may not all, but if you do these 8 things after you publish your blog post then you will easily rank your blog post and get good traffic with exposure and earnings.