Successful Blogging: Learn It My Way!

As you know that creating a blog nowadays is not a big thing. Everybody can have a blog without spending money and knowing even one line of code.

There are platforms for this and bloggers are recommending that free platforms for creating blogs and managing them.

However, that doesn't means that every person who have a blog is a successful blogger or he/she is doing successful blogging.
Successful Blogging: Learn It My Way!

Even bloggers with massive blog traffic are not able to earn that much we professionals are earning with blogging.

If you are a blogger and looking to expand your horizons and make your blogs give you more success then here's my guide to successful blogging:

1. Reach Your Targets

The very first thing you have to do is to reach out to your target audience and for this you first have to research about what is your target audience type?

You can do it with Alexa. As Alexa is something which is giving you the insights about your website and let you know from where people are visiting your blog and it also tells about your visitors education background, origin and much other insights.

However, if you don't want to pay for such information then you can use SimilarWeb or simply use Google analytics and get useful insights about your audience.

Another way to find your audience is to spy on competitors and see what type of audience they have and from where their readers are coming their way.

For this you can use SEMrush:
  • Just go to its homepage
  • Type your website URL
  • Now find competitors and click on their domains
  • It will show you domain vs domain page
Now on that page you can find keywords of your competitor and when you dig deep you will know from where they are getting links and from which area of the world their readers are visiting their pages.

2. Amazing Content

Not high quality and nor unique, you have to create amazing content on your blogs and that amazing content can be created by adding:
  • Videos
  • Inforgraphics
  • Charts
  • Images
  • References
  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Freebies
To some of your blog posts.

You can include free eBooks and add high quality images for more engagement and add videos to make your readers stay longer on your blog posts.

After adding this things, you will get a low bounce rate and then you can add infographics and charts for making readers trust on your insights and share your blog posts as a reference on their posts.

3. Create A Community

Creating a blog and then maintaining it with amazing content is everything you need to do?


No, you have to create a community around your blog. Why and How?

Because a community will easily make your blog famous in just some days and on how you can read below:
  • Always ask for leaving comments on blog posts
  • When you receive some comments, be quick to reply to them
  • Interact with your readers by setting some polls
  • Have a contact form dedicated to reader's opinions
  • If possible and you have time then create a forum under your blog name
You can also create a Facebook group with your blog's Fan-page followers and add more people to the group then start posting about your blog and let others post relative things.

4. Update Content

Bloggers often forget many worthy blog posts and they just end-up trying to get on top of the SERPs.

If you are blogging about something related to evergreen topics then always try your best to update your blog posts with more information and update their publishing dates too.

Don't forget that every blog reader wants fresh information. Nobody likes to read a page about August which is published in February.

So its better to update your content and be ready for your readers.

I use to update my old blog posts and believe me, my 2/3 years old blog posts are performing better then new ones and that is just because I am updating them month by month.

How to update old content?:
  • Add new information (in text or images format)
  • Add new keywords
  • Reply to comments and include resources
  • Just update the publish dates
That's simple, isn't it?

5. Promote Your Blog

Yes, invest on adverts!

However, when you have many free ways to promote your blog then why to invest?

Yes, there are some really helping ways to promote your blog for free and do successful blogging. You can do it by:
  • Submitting Guest Posts
  • Contributing in Expert Roundups
  • Requesting Backlinks for High Quality Blog Posts
  • Leaving Comments on others blogs
If you can do these 4 things then I am sure that you will have success in getting more blog readers and more conversions.

6. Design It Professionally

A blog should look like a blog, not a news website and nor like a one-page portfolio website.

If you are posting blog posts regularly then always do your best to design a great looking blog which is representing blog posts everywhere.

Don't use too much widgets and popups. You can simple add these things to create a stunning and still simple blog design:
  • Add header logo
  • Create main menu
  • Create navigation
  • Add featured posts widget at homepage
  • Display right sidebar
  • Add email subscription and top blog posts widget at sidebar
  • Show titles in big size text
  • Add social media sharing buttons
  • Don't use popups (you can use one for selected events or when you are giving something worth a subscription)
Nothing else, but a footer.

Don't add more junk to the blog. This is enough to create a good looking blog theme and impress your readers.

So? This is what I do for creating my blogs and then making them standout from the crowd. If you are seeking for more help and have more questions then ask to me in comments form below. I will answer you. Thanks for the read!