What Makes The Perfect Blog Template?

Let's get tips on making a blog template that standout. Here we want to guide you on things that makes a blog template perfect and professional. With a great web design we can boost our rankings in search engines and also we can get love of visitors. Traffic will automatically comes. We can see after great content blogs, richly designed blogs are getting tons of traffic flow.
Green Tips for Newbies!
Here we will guide you on making a awesome theme for your blogs. Whatever platform your are using. The theme is matter and matter most in other success factors. Think? Why you love Facebook ? It has a perfect design. The Google ? Google has a clean and wonderful theme, that all people on the globe loves. Now read and get pro tips on perfect blog design.

1. Know your Niche and Than think about Design

First of all you have to know your blog's niche. A design according to niche of blogs can boost traffic and conversation rates. Yes! It can. If you are tech blogger than make a grid style or list style template. Also if you have a gaming blog than try to design a blog just like search engines. Add a bigger search engine at homepage so visitors can easily find their favorite games.

What is difference?

Behind template designing, niche is a important thing to keep in mind. As I suggest use grid or gallery style template for store and tech type blogs. Use list or Pinterest.com styled layout for list type and top 10 type blogs.

2. How to Design a Great Header?

First impression counts. So make it great for your visitors and they will visit your blog again. There are many free and online header makers available for this work. You can use any one. But! if you want to create a HTML base header of your blog. Than! Hire any expert designer, who can fulfill your needs.

Where to find template designers?

We are in era of blogging and web-designing. You can ask any professional blogger for this work. If you can't than go to Fiverr.com and buy a gig. Before buying please read description of that gig.

3. How to Design a Perfect Sidebar and Post area?

This is a second and important task in creating of a clean blog theme. 80% visitors stay at your blog's header for about 3/5 seconds, and than they instantly scroll to your content area. Also! With content (blog post area) at right side or left side you have to add a sidebar area for adding some widgets.

What it means?:

 Simple! If your blog visitor reads your articles than they also can see your sidebar areas. So! Why you don't design a perfect sidebar area with blog post area?

4. Adding other Plugins for Refreshment

After all above steps. Now! Its time to add some great plugins. So! You template can be load faster and search engine optimized. Adding some tags in template also can give you SEO juice. If you are at WordPress than there are plenty of plugins available for free. You can use some security plugins and speed boosting plugins.

A best plugin for SEO of theme?

The best and great plugin in WordPress is SEO by Yoast. If you are at blogger.com, than you have to add SEO tags in it.

5. Get reviews from Communities

You have designed your blog's theme ? With full confident and hope?. Install it and make-over. Now leave some posts for reviewing your blog on your niche related community forums. You can ask in webmasters forums. Also! You can add a poll at your sidebar asking your visitors to vote for your blog's new look.

Don't mess up with reviewers

If your design is good maybe some reviewers say its not. But! Other will say "Yes it is great". Ask questions to those who think that your template is not good. Get answers and make changes. It works :)


NOTE: Only choose or design a fully responsive theme/template. A design is everything after great content. So! Firstly add awesomely created blog theme, than start posting. If you want to standout in crowds than you have to look great and different from others. So! People can see you easily. Be happy and Happy Blogging! Don't miss: What Makes The Perfect Blog Post?