How to Correctly Monetize a Travel Blog?

There are tons of ways to make money online. The best and easy way is "Blogging" and if we talk about blogging, Than travel blogging is a great thing to consider. I know many of you wondering about it. Also! I don't have any experience in travel blogging, But! I can tell you the money making tricks for your travel blogs.

If you are a traveler or a travel blogger, Than its time to generate income from your passion. So you can easily schedule your next trip to the world. If you are not then start it. Visit your nearest destinations and cool places. Start blogging about it and make travel blogging debut.
How to Correctly Monetize a Travel Blog?
As you (my loyal readers) know recently I have visited "Kashmir". A amazing and great place on entire world. Some people called it a paradise on earth. I am Pakistani, So I also look it as a place of paradise. Hey! Hey! I don't want to describe my Kashmir journey more..! Now read about tips on properly monetizing a travel blog.

How to Correctly Monetize a Travel Blog?

Publish Sponsored Blog Posts!

This is easy and adorable method for making money on your travel niche blog. As a blogger you can start it quickly. There are many companies who are offering sponsored posts to bloggers and also they pay.

You can get $35 to $150 per sponsored article/post. If your blog is good enough, Than you can ask for more $$$. Bear in mind: Don't ask huge. Start from low price and than go to the terse.

On a travel niche blog many types of sponsored posts can be published. Read bullet points
  • Travel companies will ask you for a review article.
  • Visa companies can set surprises and ask you for making a exclusive sponsored blog post.
  • Other travel bloggers can also knock your door for getting engagement on their blogs.
All can be achievable if you are going at tight spot. If you have tons of visitors on your blog, Than add a page for knowing others that you are offering sponsored posts on your blog. Add contact information and other limits/conditions.

Don't add rates for posts. If someone connect you and ask for a blog post, That's the real time to ask him for money and rates. :)

Sell Direct Advertising On Your Travel Blog

Selling direct ad spaces on your blogs is a great and perfect way of generating good income. A easy task for bloggers and advertisers. There are many platforms available on internet for this system. You can also make your own. But! It cost a lot of time and hard work.

You can sell ads directly from your site/blog using below platforms. They handle everything and you just take rest and cash ;).
  1. Adlet: A great and new platform designed specially for new bloggers.
  2. BuySellAds: It is a well-known and awesome ads selling/buying network for pros.
  3. Beacon Ads: The aim of this platform is to help publishers for making good income.
So! Now you can give your hard job to these platforms. Take rest and work only for your blog. Discover the world and write your trip stories on your blog. Forget the headache of dealing with advertisers. With above platforms they just pay you and you can have money in your pocket.