47 Choice Quotes about Choices and Consequences

The world is full of choice now and we can select whatever we think is suitable to our personality. There is everything available online and offline. However some things are yet to be invented like Love and likewise, but still thousands of choice are waiting for your yes or no.
47 Choice Quotes about Choices and Consequences

If you are having difficulty in deciding on something then read these inspirational and great quotes on choice and enjoy consequences.

Inspirational Choice Quotes and Sayings:

  1. Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice. Wayne Dyer
  2. Leadership is a choice, not a position. Stephen Covey
  3. A man is given the choice between loving women and understanding them. Ninon de L'Enclos
  4. The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. Charles R. Swindoll
  5. Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. William Jennings Bryan
  6. There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles. Stephen Covey
  7. The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice. George Eliot
  8. I'm surrounded by nothing but great people. I've been blessed with that, so really, I've got no choice but to be an all-around good person. Tim Duncan
  9. I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice. Linda McCartney
  10. Becoming a police officer is a choice. It's not something you're born into. Franchesca Ramsey
  11. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether to let it affect you or not. Valerie Bertinelli
  12. It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny. Jean Nidetch
  13. God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him. Jim Elliot
  14. We are all ready to be savage in some cause. The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of the cause. William James
  15. The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action. John Dewey
  16. In my life, I have made the occasional catastrophic choice, and it's just a case of moving on and learning from it. James Nesbitt
  17. Heroism is a matter of choice. Richard Cohen
  18. I get a choice every time I have to open my mouth: that it can be with civility and dignity and grace - or not. Dana Perino
  19. Where choice begins, Paradise ends, innocence ends, for what is Paradise but the absence of any need to choose this action? Arthur Miller
  20. The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion. Nadia Boulanger
  21. Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times. Aeschylus
  22. Sunglasses were my accessory of choice, and I always had an abundance of pairs. Madelaine Petsch
  23. True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice. Ben Jonson
  24. That's a really strange, unique position to be in - royalty is where you have no choice over what your duties are. Richard Madden
  25. Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the choice of words, the exquisite care of execution. Theophile Gautier
  26. Here is no choice but either do or die. William Wallace
  27. Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content. Samuel Johnson
  28. Buffalo Wild Wings is always a good choice. Brendon Urie
  29. Economics is a choice between alternatives all the time. Those are the trade-offs. Paul Samuelson
  30. I demolish my bridges behind me - then there is no choice but forward. Fridtjof Nansen
  31. Good or bad, everything we do is our best choice at that moment. William Glasser
  32. We almost always have choices, and the better the choice, the more we will be in control of our lives. William Glasser
  33. Civility is a choice. Dana Perino
  34. We must believe in free will, we have no choice. Isaac Bashevis Singer
  35. Service to others seems the only intelligent choice for the use of wealth. Manoj Bhargava
  36. Pessimist: One who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both. Oscar Wilde
  37. A man can't be too careful in the choice of his enemies. Oscar Wilde
  38. We choose what attitudes we have right now. And it's a continuing choice. John C. Maxwell
  39. Choose your love, Love your choice. Thomas S. Monson
  40. The key word for transportation in the 21st is 'choice.' Anthony Foxx
  41. I think it's your own choice if you turn from an angry young man to a bitter, old bastard. Billie Joe Armstrong
  42. When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live. Samuel Johnson
  43. Your own personal health is your own personal choice, all the way down the line. Melissa Etheridge
  44. I'm against abortion. On the other hand, I believe in a woman's choice. Nancy Reagan
  45. In my life I had no other choice than to become a strong person. Donatella Versace
  46. If I could come back as anything - I'd be a bird, first, but definitely the command key is my second choice. Nikki Giovanni
  47. Every mind must make its choice between truth and repose. It cannot have both. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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