How to Buy Facebook Likes that Generate Revenue

Buy 5000 Facebook Likes in $5 and cheap likes for Facebook pages are on trending at freelance marketplaces.

However, they are giving you just numbers - not real likes and that numbers can't help you make money on Facebook!

If you are looking to originally expand your reach on Facebook and have real people to like your pages on their own decisions than the best ways are written just below this paragraph.
How to Buy Facebook Likes that Generate Revenue

I am not going to show you some quickest ways or not going to suggest using Facebook like scripts which is not-suitable for your pages.

Here I will tell you how to get or buy Facebook likes that generate revenue and give you the ability to easily get more readers, more customers and more engagement on your website and pages.

So lets get started:

1. Send Invites

Sending invites to your friends is the most easiest and free of cost method to get free Facebook likes and all of that likes will be your verified and original likes and they will stick with your Facebook page.

Why we should send invites to our friends to like our page?
  • Because they care about things which are related to us
  • They mostly love to like what we recommend them
  • It directly sends and invite and push a notification about our page to friends we send an invite
  • Now our friends can simply accept our invitation or deny at notification tab
  • Nobody get annoyed of these invitations (at-least not our friends)
So to whom we can send these invites? just friends?

No, Facebook is there to help you and they are providing another option for sending invites.

Sometimes they will show you a button to send Facebook page like invite to those who have liked your page posts but not following your page.

So in that way you will get free and trusted Facebook Likes.

2. Facebook Advertising

Its the official way to get as much likes as you want on your Facebook page and its the simplest way when you are going to invest some money for Facebook marketing and getting loyal customers and fans.

Simply you have to click on promote your page button which you can find at your page when you visit from an ID from which you are admin for that page or simply search for Facebook advertising in Google and go to business or advertising page of Facebook.

What you have to keep in mind and do manually for getting cheap likes with Facebook ads platform?
  • Create a campaign with local demographic
  • Set a budget and don't invest more than $10 per day
  • Keep going with this for at-least 30 days and don't choose genders and interests
  • Now stop ads for 1 or 2 days and then again start with that same campaign and now set higher budget
This is a tested and 100% accurate way to get cheap Facebook likes and do it according to the terms and conditions of Facebook platform.

As when your campaigns get older, Facebook start trusting your campaigns and give you maximum ROI (return on investment) as possible.

3. Hold Giveaways

When you have a website or blog with good traffic, there's a big chance of getting targeted and high quality Facebook likes.


By setting-up some giveaways and giving worthy things for free to the visitors. Many big players have done this type of marketing and got great results.

I don't want to showoff here, so just go ahead and try giving something for free to your site visitors and let them participate in the giveaway by liking your page.

You can grab:
  • Free Facebook likes
  • Email addresses
  • Tweets
  • Social shares
  • ... and more
RaffleCopter and other platforms are available to run Giveaways and Sweepstakes Promotions on any type of website and blog.

So try this and make sure you are giving-away a quality product or you can simply give some dollars as a prize (minimum $50 will perform better).

4. Use Pop-ups and Widgets

You have a website or blog and people are visiting it on a daily basis, why not to convert them into Facebook fans?

You don't have to giveaway something for this and even don't have to invest or invite anybody manually.

Its an automatic formula type of method to get targeted Facebook likes and get them for free. All you have to do is just:
For better user experience you can set the pop-up to show after a few seconds or page-views and don't show to a 2nd time visitor.

You can show these pop-ups with WordPress websites using free plugins available in WordPress plugins repository and for other platforms there are some manually coded plugins for which you can search on Google.

5. Use Freelancing Websites

Well, I am not recommending this to anybody.

However, if you really want to take risk and try your luck than the most common way of buying Facebook page likes is to use some freelancing websites like:
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • ... and more
From there you will get gigs and offers which will be like get 10000 Facebook page likes in $50 and like that.

How to hire freelancers for increasing Facebook business page likes and make that likes don't ruin the page?
  • Create another ID and create same name page from that ID
  • Now hire a Freelancer and ask him/her to get likes on that new page
  • After getting your desired numbers of Likes, start posting updates
  • Keep on doing it for at-least a month
  • If that page performs good and isn't getting down in terms of reach and reactions on updates than go and merge that page with your original page
I have done this personally and in my views it works at 50/50 percents.

It depends on how that freelancer get you those likes and that is a secret nobody will tell you. As freelancers who provide Facebook likes have unique methods and they can't tell you, because they are earning with that methods and who would like to tell his/her earning secret?

Its up to you!

At last, whatever you do with your Facebook page to get more likes so it can generate revenue for your business and yourself will have direct impact on your business.

So make sure you are choosing the best methods to do it and not wasting your time, money and trust online.