8 Proven Steps To Earn Money On Instagram

Are you a photographer? or influencer (Instagram member) who love to take pictures of nature and other things to become famous at online world.

What if you start earning money by doing what you love? Yes! I mean, WHAT if I say you can turn your passion into profits? just by following below steps.

You know? It is now possible to earn money while using an photo sharing app on your internet enabled device. As many users of Instagram are doing this business and getting paid on daily basis.
Some of them are celebrities and some are hidden ones. By hidden I mean to say, they don't have a profession like musicians, marketers and actors or other, they are just regular people who have perfect followers list.
You can be like one of them, in just some weeks. Yeah! You read it right, I said "WEEKS". Because you have to arrange a huge number of followers before starting earning money. Just follow below steps and take first step toward your success at Instagram.
Wait and read about Instagram first!
Well, Instagram is just a photo-sharing social network in the starting days. It becomes a source for sharing images over the devices using internet and people started creating accounts.

As seeing this, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Inc. Bought this company in billion dollars deal. While these days, Instagram becomes a well-known social media in celebrities of world.

And guess what? With more then 300 million active users base, Instagram is now at 7th number in the list of 15 popular social medias.

We are expecting more cool features like the video and others to be added to this tool. Now read about you can easily start earning money by using Instagram.

1. Grow your Instagram followers

To get a proportional followers base, you have to do some hard-work. As you can't make money by low followers list on Instagram.

It all starts from a good community, by community at Instagram I mean your followers and your addictive posts. As addictive your posts the followers will start liking and sharing your posts.

Read what you can do with your Instagram account for getting quick and free followers:
  1. Connect other social networks accounts to your Instagram account, so you will get some followers
  2. Upload real and addictive images such as quotes, traditional images, celebrity gossips and more
  3. Create a new #tag and ask your followers (those you got from connecting accounts) to use the same for relative posts
  4. Ask other social media followers to add you in their following list at Instagram
You can check this post for more tips on getting easy followers.

If you ask for my personal experience, Its all about the content/posts you share on the network and proper use of hashtags can get you in the list of users who are listed as high followers account holders. You can also add an link to your profile at sidebar area of your official blog and also at YouTube-channel's links menu.

As WikiHow suggests:
  • Add at least three hashtags in your posts
  • Follow similar accounts in your niche
  • Like and comment on others shares and respond to comments too
It can give your account a powerful-backbone for diving into a huge leads river.

2. Find and Follow brands of your likeness

Now that's the step to creating a worthy and money making account, you should find and follow similar accounts in your niche. It helps you to increase your presence and trust in front of other Instagram users.

Follow brands, companies, celebrities of your category and comment on their best posts, like and share too. By doing so, you can get more active followers and engagement at your account.

Create a clean and smooth resume of your Instagram account for getting exposure. It effects you and your professionalism, because people will checkout your account before giving any task to you.

Read about what you have to add in your profile:
  1. Beautiful bio text
  2. Awesome quality and amazingly captured images
  3. Eye-catchy captions
Also daily updating your account can be a good way for getting huge list of followers. It describe to a any service buyer that you are not fake or scammer, it may tell the brand wanted to hire you as influencer that you are good and smart at doing business online.

3. Have at least 5K followers

I know you want me to tell that with how much followers we can start earning money on Instagram. So! Here's the research:

By reading this article, I got to know that with 5,000 followers we can start making money. As some influencers have done this job.
It depends on what type of followers you have, if you have 5K followers by advertisement then it won't work well.
It works great if you make real followers by encouraging them to follow you for any topic, news, information or what you can provide them like HD wallpapers, landscape imagery or public places pics.

Just to be sure you have engagement at your account. Try asking followers to add your username at their next uploads for giving you the opportunity to get more followers, while this you will get their attention too.

4. Sell your captured Images to Big brands

Have great followers list? Love taking pictures of realities near you?

Why not to sell your efforts? While taking pictures of your love, it is not amazing that you earn a decent income?

Let's read how you can sell the images you took:
I think after reading the ShutterStock method, you are now able to sell your creatives.

Just note it: If you want real sales then crop original image and upload it to your Instagram. At time time of uploading make sure you have linked your shutterstock (original and full scale) image link as to tell brands they can buy your images.

You can also bluer your images or add watermark before uploading to Instagram and upload original file at your online store (at shutterstock account).

If you are not satisfied with Shutterstock you can check Foap app too.

5. Do affiliate marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online earning methods available.

We can do it easily and effectively on Instagram as people wants some links right above your high-quality images.

You just have to put an affiliate link to your Instagram posts, so you can start earning money. Whiling to know how it works? Read here:
  1. Open Peerfly.com create an account (wait for approving)
  2. After having an account there, you can start selling their affiliate products through your Instagram account
  3. Just pick the right product and start posting on Instagram
There are many contests and rewards available at Peerfly waiting for you. The best thing about Peerfly is you just have to make leads not the sales, and it is very easy to convert your followers into leads then rewards and money.

If you are not satisfied with these details you can contact them personally.

6. Convert Instagram followers into Traffic at your blog

This is my own strategy!!!

And it works like hell. You just have to make relevant posts such as if your blog is about Food then try to add foodie-images and add spicy dishes, eye-catchy recipes as images on your Instagram account. Read about the step by step guide:
  1. Suppose you have a food blog: Upload fresh food-images, fruit images or new recipes on and link back to your food blog, so people will read the full information or recipe
  2. Ask your followers about what they want to be published at your blog?
  3. Create contests and ask followers to use your custom hashtag (you can create any hashtag which send visitors to your profile)

You know how you can earn money by converting Instagram followers into blog traffic?

It's ads! Yeah on blog, you have ads and people (who visits your blog) will click that ads and you earn an handsome pay per click.

You can also add sponsor recipes and articles at your food blog to get more money you can ask your followers to Instagram your new articles.

NOTE: Food blog is just an example, you can try this method with any niche blog.

7. Ask followers for Testimonials

As you have to make authority, try to ask your followers for testimonials of your profile.

Such as:
  • Ask them to create an video with your bio and kindness
  • Ask them to publish an image-post with good thoughts about you
  • If you have an brand or blog, ask them to write some words on your brand/blog
Then, you can add those testimonials at your blog page for encouraging more people to follow you on Instagram.

It also helps you to create authority at any business you are in.

8. Make long-lasting friendship that converts

Well! Many professionals says that friendship with followers/fans or customers can lead your business to down-track.

Here's the truth:
  • You can easily get your ideas out in world with some friendly followers/fans or so called customers
  • If you have your followers as friends online, you can ask them anything and they will do for you
  • You can increase your trust in public and on internet, the people start thinking about you as you are a celebrity
They will also tag you in their posts for getting answers to their questions.

It all depends how you use the Instagram and how well you do with your followers. Happy Instagraming and making money :)