89 Powerful Words to Use in Blog Posts for SEO

Mysterious words can be sweet-juice in your articles. To be rescued from penalties and day-by-day algorithms we have to add some positive and most powerful words in our articles.

As an trash-word can ruin your resume, same applies to blog posts. Also! One crappy word can hit you to 2nd page of Google search results (for titles of blog posts).

That's why we have to add some power and amazing words in our articles and also at titles. Because! People just type what they think is best to be searched at search engines, we should try to spy on people's mind before publishing any blog post.
89 Powerful Words to Use in Blog Posts for SEO
Also! To be brilliant you have to touch reader's emotions and belief me, touching emotions is a toughest job in this word. But! Words, Words can say anything and can done this job for you, for this you only have to add best and great words at great timings.
To get indications of this math, you can check below example:
Imagine you are at chicken sales shop, and there are many customers at front of you asking the shopkeeper for chicken. You wanted to bring the chicken at your kitchen in 5 minutes, what you should ask to seller?
  1. Probably this line: Hey! Give it to me before someone else?
  2. Or this one: I am your daily customer, please give me first?
  3. Maybe this line: I am too late please give me chicken so I can go office in time!
  4. This will be a perfect one: Hey! Dear I am your daily customer and I will pay more if you give me first then rest.
Now what?

After implementing this to one of my nearest chicken seller, I got to know that 4th line works 56% more then other lines.

Now check out what blog readers do while searching for information. For example, You are creating an post on "best tools to know seo performance" what you will write for title?
  1. Probably this line: Top SEO tools to check performance?
  2. Or this one: My favorite SEO tools to check site performance?
  3. Maybe this line: 10 SEO tools to know blog performance in 2016!
  4. This will be perfect one: Top 10 Best SEO Tools To Know Site Performance.
Once again!

The 4th line will be a perfect one for your next blog post title (this is only for example). Let's read about what are the power words and where we can use that words for a better readership on our blogs.

The most captivating words in English (for bloggers)

Here's the list of some appealing and most used words on internet, also these words perform good then others. Let's check:
  • 1st. Free: This is a good and amazing word in English language and mostly searched word on internet. Why said it is amazing? Because we can use it  as adverb, verb and as adjective too.
  • 2nd. We: We/Us/You: Well these three words perform equal in blogging. As we/you can use us as we and you we as you. While creating any tutorial these words specially You and We give us the spirit to say more words without breaking the line.
  • 3rd. Top: Top is stand for peak and apex type of word meanings. We (bloggers) use this word for creating any list of professionals, tools and many other list type of articles. It brings more CTR (click through rate) then other words, means more traffic and impressions too.
Well, Above three words are most used words while people search on Google and while bloggers create blog posts.

I am also one of them who uses these three words as much as they can. Because these words give us more spirit to write lengthy posts.

Let's navigate to real body of this article and get a bunch of most powerful words in English language to be used in blog posts. This list is only for bloggers by a blogger (me).

Words to use in advertisements:

After searching for a term "smartphones" in Google.com read what I got. I have listed most used and eye-catchy words, so you can start adding these words in your next advertisement plans.
  1. Advance-d
  2. Create-d
  3. Features
  4. Best
  5. Launch-ed
  6. Budget
Let's create an blog post title using above listed words:
In budget and best features smartphone created and set to launch at advanced areas of world
The title is bit wordy? You can delete some words and it will look like "Advanced features and best smartphone is launched" or you can use created instead launched.

And below for search term "entertainment"
  1. Source
  2. Hottest
  3. Attention
  4. Unprecedented
  5. Latest
  6. Still
Maybe you got the point, if not let me show. Just try to some words in your next entertainment type of article like this:
Checkout the hottest and latest still photos from ABC movie
Or like this:
Here's the list of unprecedented sources to know more about celebrities
It works! Yeah it works great.

Marketer? Know about power words for marketing

Feel free to add these appealing words in your marketing phrases and articles or messages.
  1. Profession
  2. Leader-ship
  3. Abilities
  4. Sharing
  5. Collaboration
  6. Required
  7. Good
  8. Course
  9. Clause
  10. Initiative
  11. Productive
  12. Conservative
  13. Essential
  14. Support
Adding these words can make you productive in marketing. You can get more leads and ROI.

Make your readers feel good reading your blog posts

Making a reader feel good and informative while reading your articles, you can have more exposure and high rate of social medias sharing. Just follow below words nicely.
  1. Youth
  2. Learn
  3. Brilliant
  4. Rescue
  5. Unhurt
  6. Prescribed
  7. Unbelief-able
  8. Independent
  9. Affluent
  10. Excellent
  11. Fraught
  12. Cumbersome
  13. Interesting
You should use above listed words to get your readers feel good and special at your blog posts. They will ask you for teaching the art of writings. For this you can use below words or while chatting you can use below words too.
  1. Refers
  2. Interaction
  3. Build
  4. Among
  5. Involving
  6. Fancy
  7. Comfort-able
  8. Queue
  9. Tasty
  10. Potent
  11. Enjoyable

Touch reader's heart so they will share your content

Making your blog readers feel your content has worth to be shared at their social media profiles with privacy tag set to public. Add these words in your blog posts too and beat the competition.
  1. Power
  2. Magic
  3. Secret
  4. Hidden
  5. Curious
  6. Discover
  7. Protection
  8. Consisting
  9. Demonstrate
  10. Clear
  11. Competitors
  12. Originating
  13. Supporting
  14. Promoting
  15. Generate
  16. Inferior

Great words from ABC (only for writers)

A: Aerify
B: Bingo
C: Consist
D: Desire
E: Ender
F: Formal
G: Genuine
H: Hooter
I: Iconic
J: Jolted
K: Kurt
L: Lengthy
M: Mesmeric
N: Neatest
O: Overheat
P: Proving
Q: Quicker
R: Revenge
S: Stymie
T: Tycoon
U: Unscramble
V: Vocative
W: Weird
X: Xyster
Y: Yuppie
Z: Zero

Yeah! That's all for know and please note that above listed words are listed upon my hard work (searching for the words from well ranked website in Google) it means you can rank your blog posts higher using above words.


This is post is for WordPorn lovers! And a well researched article on basis of ranking of above words in Google Serps.

If you want me to add more power words, then you can suggest me in comments. I will add your words in this article. Thanks for reading!