Can’t afford a Content Writer? Be one by following simple steps

What makes audiences visit a particular website and stay there for a while? It’s the content that attracts the audiences to surf their site. So what does one needs to do? Well the answer is simple hire a content writer or an internet marketing agency that provides you with content marketing.

Hold on before we proceed, you may be scratching your brains that what about start-ups with less capital inputs or someone who doesn’t want to hire a writer.

Businesses think that without hiring digital sources cost you more and due to lack of funds it pinches to hire a writer and instead be a writer on their own but you are a mess when it comes to writing.
Can’t afford a Content Writer? Be one by following simple steps
Well the good news is you can turn out to be a good writer from a bad one or be a hero starting away from the scratch. It is like you know your destination but are not aware about the right path towards it. You have no idea about how to create content for your business and how it all works out to be.
I am sure we all love to be on top when it comes to winning and getting some limelight. Do you know a good content marketing is cheery on cake for your business? Well content marketing is all about assembling relevant information, framing quality content and sharing on the various online platforms to acquire leads, this is what businesses basically expect from the digital marketing.
Each day brings in much of fuss over the aspects of digital marketing rising each day that you feel you are left out in the rat race. 
By now I assume you must have thought you are not a good writer.

Trust me if you are truly willing to learn things on your own for yourself than nothing can stop you. All you need to know is there is no time and age to learning what you want to and you are halfway overcoming the phobia.

Without wasting any second, let’s get started. 

I am sure you daily read something may be a newspaper, a business magazine or some other kind of reading material that interests you. Have you ever noticed the kind of format they have? Few are short stories, few are long. We start with a short story say of around 500 words a day for an article.

So how to start writing a proper 500 words article?

I am sure you all familiar with the word “Essay Writing” must have done a lot of essay writing and the whole concept of it as to how is an essay written. It has an introduction, body and a suitable conclusion. Similar is the case with content writing that has 3 points-
  1. Introduction to the topic it may contain or begin with some questions or facts and the purpose of writing. It should have a catchy headline in a way that the reader is influenced to read the content.
  2. Body of the content that has brief notes about the topic, it has data and the points of interest to express your case. Addressing a problem, utilizing facts and granting a suitable solution will help you to pass on your thoughts.
  3. A short conclusion – around 50 words – to outline and strengthen your content.
In short, content is all about story telling.

The above points can be incorporated only when you begin with the following things-

When one opts out on writing for his business or others the vital thing that can bring them to light is reading gives you knowledge and brings you to the insights of a topic and practice.
Topic: Before you select any topic it is important to know your niche. Select a topic that you want to write about. You can always check out sites like Topsy, Google keyword planner to know the topics or website related to your niche/ interest to help you understand what is the current trend going on in the market.
  1. Research: Before you start typing your words you need to do good amount of research on the topic as to what do you want to write about. Also gain basic insights as to what kind of content is made available to particular set of audiences on various social media platforms along with the competitor’s style of writing.
  2. Purpose: Chalk out the purpose of writing an article, as to why you want to write, what you want to write, for whom you want to write- your target audiences.
  3. Organize and write: Assembling all your thoughts, problems, solutions etc is equally important when you starting writing a content. You can always pen down all the things roughly and then assemble in order in case you feel if the flow is not going the way you feel.
  4. Add Visuals: Suitable images/ video links play a vital role in your content
  5. Language: Using simple language can be easy for your readers to understand the message that you want to convey. Always remember whenever you write anything the quantity of the content doesn’t matter, but what truly matters is the quality you provide to your readers.
  6. Edit: Once you complete the article, proofread. Check out for your grammar, spellings, missing points, rephrasing sentences etc. Ensure your article doesn’t get out of the flow. It should connect one point after the other.
  7. Hyperlinks: Don’t forget to add hyperlinks or external links that can appropriately support your content.
  8. Online tools: There are many online tools that help you check your grammar, keeps you away from duplicate content etc. they copyscape etc.
The message that you want to pass should be well written in order to make them absorb the purpose of your content. 

Keep practicing. 

The more you practice the more better you will be. This is because the more you write-
  • It will influence your thought process
  • It will give you new ideas
  • It will help you understand what the reader wants to know from the content
  • The language will gradually get its command
  • The more your practice the more you will learn
As we some up this article I am sure all the beginners or the not so good writers who are left out in the race will have a good amount of insights about polishing their writing skills in becoming a better writer. Start with short pieces and you will soon hit on more length for you content.

Common buck up my dear friends and get started. Do share your thoughts and experiences if the above points make any difference in your writing.
This blog post is a guest contribution by Heena Shah of company. Click n Join ease you with your business dilemma’s that you face in and out during routine online barriers. They hunt and chase after the trending online strategies that can help your brand get noticed and makes you win the brand quest.