“Boxify” One Page Website Template Free Download

This is not something about BLOGGER, this is about modern style of HTML5/CSS3. This is really a perfect and flexible template for any type of start-up website and also for other websites. The template BOXIFY is provided by Tympanus for free as a freebie. The template has responsiveness which means custom layouts for many devices. You don't need to customize it for mobile screens.
“Boxify” One Page Website Template Free Download
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“Boxify” One Page Website Template - Features

  1. Created with the latest technologies on the web
  2. Responsive and flexible for all type of websites/start-ups
  3. Crafted using Bootstrap, Flickity, fancyBox, jQuery Waypoints, Animate.css
  4. This is a freely available template (Premium quality)
  5. You don't need too much modification to get this template fit in your idea.

“Boxify” One Page Website Template - Free Download

Sorry guys we don't have permission to republish this template directly on our blog, but you can download it from Tympanus enjoy.