How to Build Great Social Media Strategy to Increase Traffic

Here I try to show you "How to Build a Great Social Media Strategy to Increase your Traffic". I also wanted to create more posts according to NLB (Next Level Blogging) and I will do my best. As you all know Social Media is a big thing on the internet. People wants engagement and social media can give them. Many of us love to open incredibly shared things in social medias (things which AR viral). That not mean only with sharing over the social media you can get traffic, keep in mind "Bounce Rate" is thing which can give us ZERO on our traffic. If traffic from social medias is targeted and real then we can get something from it.
How to Build Great Social Media Strategy to Increase Traffic
Its tend to gain more exposure from social media, but without a perfect and working idea we can't get it done. Therefore I am here for you and will give you the top and working tips on "Building Great Social Media Strategy". Now read the rest of this blog post.

How to Build Great Social Media Strategy to Increase Traffic

Social media is a rare combination of community and blogging, and we (bloggers) have guts for receiving traffic from social medias. Yes! If we do it right then we can get daily and original traffic on our blogs. Let's read how we can do this.

Stick around timings:

The time is a key thing in blogging and social-networking. Many bloggers say that "the time is important for blog post to arrive in social medias". You can personally try this by sharing your content day and night with random social media IDs and random posts. I think you can done it with experimenting if not then read below.
  • (I Think): After experimenting "I can say, 5PM to 7PM is best timings for sharing content over the social medias in eastern areas". For others: After sunset and before some minutes of sunset share your content on your social media profiles.

Create a social community:

Creating a community of any type can crush your time. But! With a great community of relative niche we can easily make our voice. After making our voice (authority) in any niche we can get social media exposure that mean more sales, more trust, more value and more traffic. You can also create a forum with cloud servers read my post on Blogger Help Forum.
  • As you can see's every-single blog post are getting around  1.5K shares (mostly). You know how ? Probably NO! Here is a science behind the numbers of shares. Mashable have a best community on social medias and whenever mashable share single post people are ready to tweet it and like it on Facebook. Why you don't have a community ?

Give eye catchy post titles:

This is a real fact. Many of us don't give our attention to post titles, therefore our great work fall in Recycle Bin. So! If you don't want to give-up on blog post titles then read our great tips on this matter.
  • I don't want describe this thing here. As I already published some quality articles as well as 101 blog post ideas

Top social networks to use:

There is a list of all social networks available on wikipedia. Also you can find many social networks which offer a basic option for a niche and many for bloggers (online marketers). It will help you in creating a great community on internet in the name of your business or blog.
  • As we can hear from all people around world: Facebook is best and rest is only ***. But! If we compare it with other networks then we can get different results then the people's minds.
  • Google+, Twitter and Facebook is best. Don't think other networks are worthless try others as well as you know about them.

Final thoughts

So guys! Sorry for late publishing. I will update this blog after some days regularly. Tell me about this post in comments form below. Keep blogging and Happy Blogging! Image via