Google Trying To Rank Sites Based On Accuracy Of Information

Now the real way of searching content on Google is in tests. Keep in mind Google uses the old way for searching content "The linking Method" but with many algorithms we have to work hard for getting top spot in search results. Many people can beat Google's method and therefore, Google will use accuracy of information as a ranking signal (no more backlinking).
Google Trying To Rank Sites Based On Accuracy Of Information
(Image: Steve Prezant/Plainpicture)
A PDF book available for this news and is published by researchers within the company. According to this PDF paper Google in future will give more value to accuracy of information more than your backlinks data base.

The idea of Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT)

  • According to the details shared by New Scientist, Google is working on a system where it can determine the trustworthiness of a page not by who is linking to it, or how many incoming links it has, but by the number of facts it contains like: The fewer the errors, the higher the Knowledge-Based Trust score..... etc
  • The quality of web sources has been traditionally evaluated using exogenous signals such as the hyperlink structure of the graph. We propose a new approach that relies on endogenous signals, namely, the correctness of factual information provided by the source. A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy. VIA Search Engine Land
So! What to do now ? Don't panic Google will give us more details about this new ranking signal whether it is a rumor are real news.

Don't you agonized Link-buliders

This is something that Google may not ever acquiesce. The recommendation comes from a research paper, which Google publishes hundreds of all year, hence changes to SEO are far from imminent. Be Happy!