What is Thin Content Problem ? How To Solve it Quickly?

If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account and added your blog/site. Then! If you got a message from GWT saying "Your content is thin" Than please follow this guide and solve this serious problem.

Before taking any action, read about "What is Thin Content"
What is Thin Content Problem ? How To Solve it Quickly?

What is Thin Content Problem ?

By thin content we mean, Low quality content. The content which is not suitable for internet. If you publish a blog post with 100 or 150 words (any) your content is having low quality badge. It means you have Thin content at your blog. Read about types of thin content on web.
  • Affiliate blog posts
  • Spinned content
  • Copied content
  • Guest posts with little text
  • Doorway pages and Torrents
Many times Google Webmaster Tools system detect Thin content and may send you a message with details of your content. Therefore I say create rich content and make sure to have 500/600 words in every blog post.

How To Solve it ?

Don't worry if you have some blog posts with thin content. If you want to be safe from Google Panda Updates then, Read below steps and give your blog a new life.
  1. Search and research your old blog posts
  2. If you found any copied or low-quality blog post then delete it
  3. Also keep an eye on your blog content and do update it on monthly basis
If you are done then resubmit sitemap of your blog to Google Webmaster Tools and enjoy.