5 Best Screen Recording Softwares for Bloggers

Nowadays all bloggers are crazy about creating videos (video tutorials). Many bloggers are making money by doing screen recording of tutorials and selling them on UPwork alike websites. You can do it too. Though! You can make How-To type articles for your YouTube channel or Dailmotion account where you can earn money. If you don't know how to make money trough YouTube then read my blog post on this topic.
5 Best Screen Recording Softwares for Bloggers
Now we know you are whiling to know what are the limitations of listed programs. You will be happy after reading that "You can export your recorded video in common file formats that can be recognizable in most used video editors". Also the programs which are listed below, gives you a clean video without any watermark and other bullshits. So! Read below and download/use a screen recording software for free.

1. CamStudio

This is a best screen recorder for bloggers and online ustaads. You can easily navigate it and it is very low weight software. With CamStudio you have options to crop any area of your computer screen for recording specif area or hiding some area. Also it develop video in AVI file, it means HD video file.
  • You can also give your voice as background. This is a best feature for creating tutorials and how-to videos.

2. ScreenR

ScreenR is not a offline software. You can't download it for offline use. But! It is sentential product for creating screen cast or you can say screenRecordings. With its easy to use interface you can easily record your desktop or laptop screen.
  • At this time ScreenR required Java to be installed. So first instal Java and than enjoy ScreenR for free.

3. Webinaria

This is another great software, with some great features like three type of frame rates. You can choose from 5 to 15 FPS (frames per second). Also you can record full of your PC's screen or an selected area. Just like CamStudio it produced videos in AVI file format.
  • If you have installed Google Chrome web browser before Webinaria, than it will detect Chrome as program window for recording your screen.

4. Rylstim

A simple yet amazing and easy to use screen capturing software for bloggers and other humans. This is best for smart people who wanted to just record entire screen without further configurations. This soft can't record voices through microphone.
  • It is have a feature called ripple effect for mouse keys. Red effect for left hand key and Green effect for right hand key.

5. Ezvid

This a top listed screen recorder. But! why we listed it at #5 because this list is for bloggers. The bloggers wants to download their recordings so they can upload recorded videos on their blogs. Ezvid is not eligible to provide any type of export. You can only upload your video on YouTube. It means this is best for low duration recordings.
  • The best thing for bloggers: You can add text and voice after recording your screen :)

Final Words

So! Bloggers? I think now you can record your screens for best quality tutorials and other how-to articles. You know having a video in blog posts can boost your blog's SEO and decrease bounce rate ? Happy Blogging!