Five Things You Need to Start a Self-Hosted Blog

Here I will tell you about top five things you need to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

If you search the title of this blog post on Google then you will get many articles saying make a WP blog in 6 minutes or 10.

They are correct on their way.

But! As a newbie, you can't create a WP blog with self-hosting in even 30 minutes :)

Five Things You Need to Start a Self-Hosted Blog

Therefore I boomed up and love to share top 5 needs with for making a your next online world. Keep calm and read full post.

Five Things You Need to Start Blog

There are a lot of things you need to consider before starting a successful blog, but these are the best 5 things you need to not avoid before going to create your first blog that will help you make some money.

1. Custom Domain Name

By custom domain name I mean "A top-level domain for your blog, registered with any best registrar". And there are hundreds of registrar who say they are best and sometime they are. But! we want a best-to-great domain registrar for our blog name. In my case GoDaddy is best. GoDaddy is at #1 spot in domain registration but NameCheap and Dynadot are also the best platforms if you are looking for huge discounts.

2. A Hosting Package

After buying a great domain name from a great registrar. Now its time to buy a hosting package from any best hosting provider. There are many hosting providers available, even many individuals can provide hosting for your blog. But! keep in mind a secure and most famous hoster is best, and for this purpose I can suggest you NameCheap, Bluehost, and HostGator. NameCheap's and HostGator's customer support is very good.

3. A Blogging CMS

For creating a good blog you have to install a blogging CMS on your hosting package. Oh! I just forgot to tell you that a CMS is Content Management System software. It can give you the ease of writing blog posts, adding new plugins and features on your blog and managing theme of your blog. The best and great CMS for blogging is WordPress. NOTE: You can install WordPress from your hosting package of HostGator with one click.

4. Genesis Framework

Genesis is a great framework used in WordPress. Its developed by copyblogger LLC. Basically for designing a awesome theme for your WP blog. This framework is most famous framework for in WordPress users. Many of them say that this is better then Thesis. Go ahead and check it out Genesis by StudioPress.

5. A Tracking Strategy

After all above work, now its time to track your growth. By growth I mean "Traffic stats, Where from you getting traffic, Which keywords are sending you more traffic and many other important things".

You know Google is best at. Google is providing you a best tool for this purpose and absolutely free of cost. Yes I am talking about Google Analytics. Google analytics can give you a detailed report of your blog's growth.

Final words

So! These are some needy things for starting a self-hosted WordPress blog. Now start blogging and give us your success reports via comment form below. Happy Blogging!