4 SEO Tactics you Have to Stop Using right now

Stop wasting your golden time and leave outdated/old SEO strategies.

SEO is changing day-by-day, many algorithms are coming and many are rolling. Hole year search engines are changing their robots from upside-down.

Many of you in SEO industry trying to rank better than rest. All of you can't get good results. You know why? Why your competitors are getting higher rankings? What they are doing and how search engines love them ?. You will get all answers by reading this blog post.
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I will describe all tactics which are no longer works, you have to stop using or outdated tactics. Many professional bloggers and search engine masters will tell you these strategies.

This is why you have to read my article. Before buying any SEO course, read this entire blog post and than search for a good SEO consultant.

4 SEO Techniques You Have to Stop Using right now

You know why I want to share these techniques with you?

Coz! I want to help those bloggers who are new in blogging industry and don't have sufficient knowledge in SEO. These tactics are not in black hat seo, these are in white hat seo.

But! All listed tactics don't work anymore. So! Its better to avoid them and try some other new methods.

1. Tricking Search Engine Ranking Algorithms by making links

This is the oldest SEO tactic of the past. It is used by millions of webmasters and they all got success in ranking their web pages in Google. But! Things are changed now. This trick can't give you a boost in your rankings.

Creating backlinks is easy now. Many companies are giving services like 1000 links for $5 or 500 links for $4 etc. You can buy and get tons of links to your site. But! This practice doesn't work.

This is called a "Link Scheme" and link schemes are listed in violations of Google.
You know? Having footer links in various sites or templates is the wrong way of creating backlinks.

The good news is: You can start PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising for getting visitors on your pages. This will don't erase your SEO line. Because it doesn't pass Pagerank to your web pages.
This is what Google said: Any links intended to manipulate Page-rank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site. via
Keep Calm. You can make great backlinks profile :) Just make sure you don't do below bullet points:
  • The website from you got back-links is penalized (hit by any Google update)
  • You are making tons of links in a very short period of time
  • Domain authority matters. So! Make sure the site you are linking to has high DA

2. Guest posting - I mean Spammy Guest Blog Posting

You might see many blogs are doing guest blogging. Many don't. We research and found that wrong way of guest posting can ruin your blog's rankings. But! The right way guest blogging will boost your rankings ;)

Wrong way: This is what you have to avoid. Read bullet points on this.
  • Don't do it for creating backlinks.
  • Don't submit your articles in guest blogging directories or article directories.
  • Don't do it for getting money. (You can be a author for money making on any blog)
Right way: This is what you have to do while making guest posts
  • If you can or your targeted site/blog allow you than be a official author. Than post your content.
  • Be relative: Don't post on irrelevant websites. For example if you want to post on quicksprout.com and you have a music niche blog. Than its bad. Do a it on entertainment niche blogs.
  • Ask information of site stats to site owner. Review it and make sure site is valuable to search engine.
Why I say "Right way guest blogging can boost your rankings"?

You know problogger.com ? Probably yes. He is doing it. You can post your content on his blog (Pro Blogger). You will easily get link juice and ranking might run upside not downside. Also many other professional bloggers are doing it.
NOTE: Guest blogging is not dead. Do it, But with caution.

3. Duplicate or Thin content

These are actually two things. We have to focus on real writing not duplicating and creating thin content. In many writings we have to copy some text from other web-pages. Just like I did at "This is what Google said" paragraph. You got it ? I have added a VIA link to that page.

You can too copy others work. Hey Hey! Others words or works are not your property. If you need to add a news or short tip from them, than add text and give a proper link-back. However! Many blogs don't allow you to copy anything from their storage.

Copy and pasting is not good and it can harm your blog's SEO and other boons. If you want to have your empire good standing than don't do it. You can add a little copied text with a link to real owner. If it necessary.
Review it and think: Like I copy and paste a paragraph from Google support blog and gave a link back. Why I do this ? Because I don't have other choice. This is what I want to teach you.
Make sure:
  • If you have a team of content creators. Then they all are professionals and can do what you want.
  • Check content on duplicate content checking tools. Do it before posting any blog post.
  • Also! Search and research on topics you want to cover.
  • Content is king. So! Make sure your king is really a king ;)
For thin content you can re-read my old blog post [What is Thin content and How to solve this Problem?]

4. Ignoring web-design!

This a huge mistake done by many new bloggers. Also! Few pro bloggers are doing this. We have searched and got many blogs which are not in the category of good designs.

You know people are tend to stay on a professionally designed blog/site? They rate 80 out of 100 to perfect designed blog and visit again n again.
The responsiveness of web themes: This is something called impressive. If you has a perfect and responsive web-design/template. Than you can standout in blogging world. Also! This is a new ranking signal in Google algorithms.
  • But! What if they think your blog is poorly designed >? Also! What search engines think?. Along people search engine bots will give your down-votes and you will see a massive drop or no increasing in your blog's traffic stats.
Recently I published a great blog post on [What Makes The Perfect Blog Template/Design?] read it and learn it.


I think.

Now you can avoid above tactics for SEO. SEO is not a game nor you can win by playing.

You have to be updated and hard-worker. Than! You can beat your competitors. If you want more exclusive content or SEO tips than leave your comments using commenting form below.

Happy Blogging! :)