How to Get Free Original Content for Your Site Without Writing it Yourself

If you want to keep the highest Google ranking of your website, you need to update your content regularly. Freshness and uniqueness are two basic demands to the published content.

There is a tendency: people create a website, add all necessary pages and stop filling it with new posts.

First, the ranking of website grows, especially if SEO work has been done properly.

But very soon it starts to fall. Some website administrators decide that the problem is with SEO and website promotion.
How to Get Free Original Content for Your Site Without Writing it Yourself
But in fact, everything depends on how carefully you update your content.

The main requirements to your content

Some websites do not presuppose a big number of pages. This can become a problem for a regular content update. However, there is a solution: a blog where you will publish information related to the topic of your site. Here, another problem arises: where to get content?
 The main requirements to your content
The biggest mistake you can make is to copy content from other websites without permission. In this way, you do not improve your site, but make the ranking fall even more as you publish non-original content. As we have already mentioned above, one of the main requirement to content is uniqueness.

Another important point is content relativity. If you want to promote your website and attract traffic, you need to provide relative content that will suit the preferences of your readers.

Now we know that we need to update the website regularly with unique and relative content. Moreover, your content should be interesting and useful. But where can you take this content for free if you do not want to write it by yourself? There are several possible options, each of them having some pros and some cons.

1. Cooperate with students and inexperienced content writers

If you do not want to buy content or pay for writing it, you can always find some free and easy ways to generate new articles. Thousands of inexperienced writers are looking for the possibility to fill their portfolio with real posts. As a rule, you can find them at the biggest portals where writers offer their services.

Perhaps, you are wondering why they work for free and do not ask even for some small payments. In fact, for a young writer especially the one who just started to search for clients in such portals, the experience, and positive feedback are far more important than money. They are ready to work for your kind words that will make their personal account look attractive and trustworthy for other clients.

Of course, these writers will never write for free all the time. That is why you need to cooperate with several of them and keep looking for new writers who also want to fill their portfolios and get some good feedback.

2. Share posts and articles

For a blogger, sharing is not the best option to attract new visitors and maintain a high level of interest of current readers.

However, for a non-informational website, this is probably the best option to keep the ranking grow. The matter is that reposts and shares are considered to be a new and unique content. The uniqueness is preserved due to pressing ‘share’ button which actually states that the content does not belong to you and you respect the propriety of the author.

One of the main advantages of this way to get content is that it takes just a couple of minutes: you find a relative or interesting post and click the button.

3. Find free content at article directories

Some article directories offer free pieces of content. If you have enough time and a strong desire to save money on articles, you can try to find some materials there.

However, this is quite risky. The main problem is that the content is available to everyone, so you cannot be sure that the uniqueness is preserved.

Secondly, the article generally includes author’s contacts and you cannot edit this information. In fact, the editing option is unavailable so you cannot add links or somehow change the content.

4. Cooperate with bloggers

Young bloggers are always looking for some promotion. You can cooperate with them allowing to publish information about their blogs in the posts that they write for your site. This method is effective for any type of website: an online store, informational portal, or even some landing page with a blog section added. Of course, bloggers prefer to cooperate with websites that already attract traffic.
Cooperate with bloggers
However, sometimes bloggers agree to work with promising sites yet not having a huge number of visits.

Knowing these 4 methods of finding free original content, you can forget about expenses on copywriting services or wasting your own time for creating articles and posts. Thus, you will spend your money and efforts on other services that cannot be used for free and require much attention from you.
 Guest contribution by: Lori Wade. She is a tutor and a freelance/content writer who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She has a degree in Journalism and is a frequent contributor to several publications and websites. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her in other social media.