How To Manage Time And Achieve Your Content Writing Goals

Are you a content creator?

You probably spend most of your time seeking fresh, new ideas to share with the world. You might be learning new skills and improving your knowledge of SEO tactics.

Content creators are world changers, however, most creatives find that their time management goals lag behind.
How To Manage Time And Achieve Your Content Writing Goals
In order to be a successful creator you must find order.

If not, you may always struggle with deadlines, writer's block, and bad time management.
As a professional, you should consider creating quality content in efficient time.

1. Just Start Writing

Sometimes the best way to push past the inspiration block is to simply begin the process.

Do not just sit behind your computer as you wait for the words to say. Start typing or writing in a notepad. Write whatever comes to mind without the need to self-edit or proofread.

There is something special that happens when you take that first step toward a goal.
  • When your focus and energy are on accomplishing that task, you become unstoppable.
In fact, even scientists agree, claiming that this all has to do with the power of the subconscious mind. The mind connects with your fingers, allowing you to pour out your most genuine work without end.

2. Write What You Are Passionate About

What are you most excited about? Is there a topic that you are confident about?
  1. Start writing about that topic.
  2. Take the time to allow your creative passion to flood your computer screen with exciting content.
You are in your element and, therefore, you will write at an impressive speed in comparison to any other subject.

3. Get In The Zone

When are you most active and alert? If you prefer the morning then start your writing tasks early.

Choose your best time of the day and order your writing accordingly. You will notice that you are mentally acute to pour out all of your creative juices. The content you create from a place like this will be top notch!

Most likely, you will experience fatigue after writing for a few hours. This is completely normal. Sometimes you may not be 'in the zone' to write while other times you will be. If that is where you are now, consider taking a break from the task. You do not want to burden your writing with forced enthusiasm, which leads to less than perfect quality work.

Instead, try focusing on other developmental work. Take time to refresh. Jump back into your writing when the fatigue wears off.

4. It Is Okay To Say NO

As a content creator, you most likely have a long checklist of projects to complete. You are busy and that is just fine.

However, if you desire to get things done, you must carve out time to complete those tasks. This may mean sacrificing your lunch break to knock out some more writing. You may have to say "no" to invitations that may drain your creative energy.

Don't be afraid to tell your friends that you cannot spend time hanging out at the moment. They should understand. It is not always fun to give up temptations but you will be happy that you made that decision later on.

5. Create A Plan

One of the most effective ways to manage your time more effectively is by creating an intentional plan before beginning any work.

With a secure plan, you can map out what needs to be done and what can wait. You ease the stress of keeping responsibilities and deadlines in your brain. Write your plan out before you. You will be more productive with a great planner or calendar.

Include your projects and devise a plan on how you will accomplish them. Stick to your plan. Without one, you might be tempted to keep pushing off that important task. Go for it.

6. Be Bold

While you want to set realistic goals, you should not put off the ones that drive you to do more.

Set goals that are a bit higher than your initial standard. This increases your productivity because you are motivated to exceed the goal.
Do not become discouraged if you don't meet your goal.
The point of this is to aim towards higher achievement.

7. Keep At It

Just because you have failed at managing your time does not mean that you cannot try again.

Do not be discouraged when unexpected distractions pop up in your path.

Life is filled with stumbling blocks that will cause you to want to give up your new organized planning regime. You might have made a mistake yesterday and did not work at your most productive.

It is okay.

Dust yourself off and try again. Remind yourself that you are improving. With each new day, endeavor to aim for growth. In this place of positivity, there is nothing you cannot do. Believe in yourself and get the job done!

Wrapping it up

In a nutshell, achieving your writing goals requires massive commitment, careful planning, effective execution and specific goals.

Becoming a successful writer means taking a long-term view to growing your skills

Exchanging short-sighted experiences and expectations for growth over time is the main key to overcoming those months where your blog's or business' metrics and numbers may be stagnating.

Work hard and persevere - you'll reap the rewards in the end. 
Guest contribution by: Sophia Clark a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. She is a tutor and a freelance writer for her blog. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter or find her in other social media.