A Study About "Content Length" For Bloggers!

After spending a day (full of headache) in research of content length guides and case studies, I got some good points for AllBlogThings's readers.

With a hope that you will learn something from this study/research I am writing down all the key-points I think useful for you.

Keeping in mind that you can't spend your time on writing a single blog post, I have boomed this article to be a quick read.
A Study About "Content Length" For Bloggers!
Spouse! You have a Suzuki car, what you want to be replaced with it ?? Might be a Lamborghini.

Hahn, I know we all want it. Than! Think about what our readers want ? a 300 words post or a 2500 words post?. Let's read out this study and think again.

Content Length for Blogs

Blog-post Length:

When we talk about blog post length, paragraph is the first thing which comes in our minds. A study medium says that 7 minutes in reading of blog post can be a rank king b-post. See below chart for more information.
b-post length guide by medium
I know, you want to know about how many words can be read in 7 minutes. It is about 1545 words of an average reader can read in 7 minutes.

Many can read up to 1700 words in 7 minutes and many can read less than 1000 words. So! A 1590 words post can be a good choice for 7 minutes read :)

Paragraph length:

While writing any article we have to write many paragraphs. People wants little junks of rich information. Yes! A 1590 words post is good for readers and bloggers. But! Please don't think about adding all that in one or three paragraphs.
  • Sometime a paragraph with 45 to 55 characters can work fine.
A Paragraph with three lines is better than 6/7. As marketing land suggests, you have to have scan-able paragraphs. It means you have to short your paragraphs with headings and bullet points.
As Jason Fried said:
"Short paragraphs get read, long paragraphs get skimmed, really long paragraphs get skipped."Tweet:

Title tags length:

Here is a science behind success of any blog post. Most SEO specialists said that title tags can be 90% source of any article to be ranked in Serps. Many of them said 45 to 66 or 55 characters are enough for post title tag. See below what moz got in research of this matter.
title tag guide by moz

So! Now its clear that a title tag of 55 to 58 characters can be good thing for on-page SEO of your articles.

Keep in mind that you have to add your special keyword in title and also you have to explain your blog post body in one line of post title tag.
"A 5 to 6 Words Blog Post Title Tag is Better for SEO of your Blog - Umer Prince."

Meta description:

This is another factor of believing that Google will grant higher rankings to your articles using rich meta description.

But! Google it self says that "Google does not use meta description for ranking your articles".
Another study says that if you have maximum 155 characters in your search-description/meta-description than you can get rankings.

After all Google search for your types keywords not with your thoughts in your mind :)
For testing title and meta description navigate to our newly designed tool Google Serp Preview Tool

Other Length Guidance for You!http://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/ideal-blog-post-length/


I think we have to try out different things with our blogs.

Many times magic happens and we got rankings without efforts. All I want to say is don't give-up, try, try and try again. Love Blogging! ;)