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Mobile blogging aka moblogging is a new/simple way of publishing content on the go. With new technologies and blogging apps, we can easily do it. Using a smartphone with any OS like android or iOS you can begin with moblogging even if you are not at home. It is a time saving technique firstly used by Steve Mann in Feb 22 1995. He used a wearable computer and posted text with video to his blog.
Girl doing Blogging on Mobile
After that, in 2002 Adam Greenfield used the term moblogging. For now! Mobile blogging devices and apps can do many things. So! We have the ability to create a moblog in seconds and can start posting right from handheld devices. Now read below for knowing how to do mobile blogging like a pro.

How To Do Mo-Blogging Like a Pro

Buy a smartphone:

First and rearmost is to buy a smartphone from your nearest mobile store. Also! You can buy mobiles from using ebay and amazon like websites. In Pakistan/India OLX is a better place to buy used stuff. But! Wait before buying any smartphone see specs of that phone. Make sure it has....
  1. A OS (android or iOS) with latest version
  2. A bigger screen (minimum 4 inches) so you can read easily :)
  3. A 3G/4G supported phone (LTE)
Before buying any smartphone search reviews of that mobile and than search for price. If the online price and the shop's price is equal than bought it. Check local brands the can be cheap in price and work more ;)

Install a blogging app:

After having a smartphone with rich features. Now its time to download and install a blogging app their. For this step you don't have to research. Just do a quick search in AppStore of your mobile using the term Blogger or WordPress.

You will see their blogging apps. We recommend you to install Blogger app. Because it is a free platform and can be useful for any type of blogger. WordPress is also a free platform, but it is not recommended for beginners.

Search for latest topics:

After installing a app. Now choose your blog title and URL. Choose a blog name related to your favorite topic. As you can choose fashion blogging for this.

Now go to your social media accounts and follow some Fashion related ids and join groups. Use them daily and see what is most trending and what people are talking about.

You can have our Trends page bookmarked in your mobile's browser for more trendy topics.

How to publish quickly and easily ?

This might not effect your page-rank. But! It can be a useful tip for gossip and celeb bloggers. Many social media bloggers can do this for getting much traffic and engagement.
  • Tip: Find trendy and hot posts/tweets on social medias and take screen shots. 
Don't directly share that screen shots to your blog. Open your gallery and add watermarks with your blog's URL in it. Than add screen shots to your blog posts give them titles and hit publish button.

Don't leave them alone. After some hours if you got any news about your published images than you can add that news as a text message below the images.


Again: Don't think that mobile blogging is easy. You have to update your blog several times a day. It means you have to use your device more than 12 hours in 24 hours. People expect more updates from mobile blogs. Happy MoBlogging!