The ABC Of Blogging - 26 Weird Tips To Inspire You!

Again: I am giving you an exclusive blog post to read. It is on the basics of blogging and categorized using ABC's method. You know before reading a English book you have to read ABC and mind it first. This is what we have to learn before starting a blog.
Learn The ABC's Of Blogging - 26 Weird Tips To Inspire You!
Are you ready to learn ABC's of blogging? Love to start blogging from scratch?. Then! Here is a table of A to Z tips to do blogging easily and professionally.

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A for: A+ Grade

A+ grade is important now. In blogging industry we have to compete with many professionals. Quality is what makes your blog A+ Grade.

If your blog have gigantic quality, than you can easily got this point. Create about us and privacy pages too.

B for: Best In All Ways

Best can work best for you. People want best content on internet.

If you can provide them best, than you will get best in return. Make sure you have fresh and quality content on your blog. Design your blog professionally with responsive looks.

C for: Colossal Words

Colossal words makes good impression on readers. Always write like professional and business bloggers. Don't use article spinners for this work. Learn English language and then try to add colossal words in your blog posts.

D for: Do Dare

Do dare with your readers for creating unique content.

Ask them questions at end of your blog posts. Tell them that you will write on their suggested topics. Do reply to all comments on your blog and try to talk like a human :)

E for: Exclusively Exploit

Exclusively exploit new things in your industry.

Publish news articles on latest happenings in your industry. People will share them and you will get good traffic too.

F for: Free Gifts

Fascinate your blog with freemium content.

People love free tools and other things. Make sure you are not giving garbage for free. Buy products and create giveaways for them. It will increase your subscribing list too.

G for: Grow with Guarantee

Giving guarantee for an tip or product to your readers makes sense. Try to give guarantee on your advices and product reviews.

NOTE: Don't give guarantee on all items. If you are 100% sure then make a statement other vice not needed.

H for: Helpful Articles

Helpful articles can give a boost to your traffic.

You can gain trust of your readers and they will subscribe to your RSS.

Write How-To articles and make guides on your industry related issues. For example: If you are a health blogger than you can make tutorials on fitness and yoga.

I for: Improvement in Blogging

Important improvements can be good fact for your success in blogging world.

Try to add more functionality in your blog. Add latest and fruitful plugins, create a eye-catchy header, use sidebar of your blog for advertising and best posts links. If you have a search box on your blog then it's great.

J for: Just Post It!

Jerk and jolt the with web with searching and researching.

Before writing about any topic make sure you have enough information about that. If you don't then try to search on web using different tools. Use and reddit for viral content.

K for: Kock-out New Content

Knock the door of news websites and get new topics to blog on.

You have to kock-out fresh content on your blog. People love to read about new things. You can write on startups and other viral content. Try to publish a news first then others.

L for: Luxury lines

Lines and luxury?. It means try to add some great to read lines in your blog posts.

For example: A car insurance company will give you a brand new car on your crash. This line is really a luxury line for new car buyers. Hope you got my point.

M for: Mainstream Articles

Magic on your readers with mainstream articles.

Mainstream articles don't need to update. As this article you are reading doesn't need to get an update.

Add a top posts widget in sidebar of your blog. So! People can easily navigate to your mainstream articles. You can add a slider with your great article's link in it.

N for: Noting The Issues

Note issues with new startups and post on your blog.

Give notice to your readers about something new or weird ready to happen on your blog. Write at-least one line starting with NOTE word.

O for: Outstanding Offers

Offer something great as a gift to your readers.

If you have a outstanding thing to giveaway then it will increase your authority in people's minds. If you can't give something really, try to consult newbies for free. This will work 100%.

P for: Power Your Perspective

Professionally give tips on any topic you can write on.

For example: If you are a business blogger then try to stand out as a business person not as a artist.

Q for: Quality Matters

Quickness and quality content will lead you to the best in your niche.

Publish only quality blog posts not bullshits. You know why Google is the #1 in search engine world?. Probably yes! It has those qualities which are needed to have in a search engine.

R for: Rewarding!

Reward your loyal readers. Add a page and write about your rewards.

Start a game with your readers. Tell them, if a reader leaves precious comments for a month.

(more then others in quantity). Then he/she will get a XXX. If he/she submit a guest post that goes viral. He/She will get permanent backlink from your blog etc.

S for: Simplistic Skills

Start making tutorials on simplistic and worthy skills.

Write about how people can do less and earn more online.

Simple guides are easy to write for you and best for your readers. You just have to audit/review about that skills before posting them to your blog.

T for: The Terrific Ways

Teach your readers about terrific ways of doing something.

You can start with the title "Terrific ways of body-building". Give them secret tips and private tools too.

U for: Ultimate

Ultimate lists and guides work more then a traditional blog post.

You can get your bounce rate down and on-site-time up with this strategy. This is what pro bloggers are doing right now. Make longer blog posts and ultimate guides.

V for: Values

Value is what all the things in this world crazy for. Give value to your readers and reply to their emails, messages and comments.

NOTE: If you give value then you will get value :)

W for: Willpower

Willpower is a thing which is great to have in a blogger.

With willpower we can beat our competitors and stand out in a crowdy world. Try, Try and Try one day you will get success.

X for: X-Fact

X and Next approach is good thing to consider while creating any top-ten list. Write about old besties and then new once.

Y for: Year To Year

Year to year blog posts can be useful for ranking higher in Google search results.

Write down a list of top xx in 2017 or any year you are blog in. Many times you can make a list of some old best things of some year.

For example: You can write about top ten things in world war 1 etc

Z for: Zone Of Blogging Era

Zone of blogging era is now much populated.

Many new blogs are created on daily basis and many going away every day. If you want to be a successful blogger. Try to update your blog regularly with fresh content.

Last lines

That was the ABC of blogging. If you want more tips then leave comments below. We love to share new tips/tricks with out readers. Love you all. Happy Blogging!