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How To Make Money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2019

Searching for a best ever platform to earn money using the affiliate marketing method? and don't want to get your hands dirty? well these top 5 highest paying affiliate programs are paying you per click and per sale, so read this guide and list about "How To Make Money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2018" and make more money doing nothing more than you do on daily basis ...
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Jun 6, 2018

at: / Edited by: Umer Idrisi
In our series of affiliate marketing and earning with top affiliate programs we are here with out new bundle of highest paying pay per click affiliate programs for bloggers and non-techie people.

It means you can start earning money with these pay per click affiliate programs without website or a blog in 2019. I am not saying that you will not earn when you have a blog or site. You can double your earnings with having a web-page or set of web-pages which we call websites and blogs.

However there are few pay per click affiliate programs which can pay you hundreds of dollars on your hard work and all you have to do is just work from home, drive traffic to them and they will reward you with money.
How To Make Money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in 2019
So! As pay per click advertising is breaking grounds in eCommerce and business leads the affiliate programs with pay per click options are getting more stronger and they are paying more than they were paying in start of this method. That's why I say this is the time to join these networks and earn more money, so lets read about these highest paying pay per click programs:

1. IZEA Its suitable for social media and content influencers. In PPC advertising and PPC marketing world, Izea is a new thing from which you can earn money sharing new content and updates to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They pay you per sale and also per click. With Izea you don't have to have your own website, you can start earning money without a website as this platform is accepting social shares for promotion of their advertisers. As its one of the high paying affiliate programs, after you will reach $25 they will send you the payment via PayPal account so this is the easiest way for getting paid.

You can create a free account and fill their forms, connect your social networks and if you have Facebook pages with much likes then there is a chance that you will get more sponsorship opportunities.

All you have to do is bid on sponsorship opportunities and after an advertiser accepts you can get paid. So I think this is the answer to your questions like how to make money with pay per click affiliate programs without websites.

2. VigLink Its on #2 because its not that good when it comes to pay per click but still its best when you have a website or a small blog.

For an example, what if affiliate networks are not accepting you to be a part? and what if you can't deal with so many affiliate networks at once? Its when you need a system to put money making links in your content and when people interact with that links or buy things from that links you can get paid. This is all VigLink does for you and you can get paid to refer your friends to viglink. If you are looking for high paying recurring affiliate programs then this is for you.

You just have to put some code in your website and viglink will be there to work for you even when you are sleeping you will be earning with pay per click affiliate program of viglink.

They mostly uses pay per sale method but there's a tool which can tell you which advertisers are accepting pay per click method so you can talk about that products in your blog posts and site pages to make viglink software put paid links on that words and lines about a particular product. They also pay via PayPal and you can signup for free.

3. Skimlinks

Its the #1 alternative to VigLinks and industry leader in affiliate marketing solutions as they claim to be.

With Skimlinks you can create content on your blog or website, install a code and that's all, you will have more tools and insights about your performance. Plus its an all-in-one platform for Publishers, Merchants, Agencies and Data Buyers.

Every publisher can easily monetize his content with paid links. So if you want to test out as much product as you can then Skimlinks is for you, do test it out with their demo option or with a real account. Its all in your hands. They just ask you to create compelling content and drive traffic to your own website or blog while making money from link added to your blog/site by Skimlinks.

If you are still thinking about joining or not joining then do think about what if you are sending traffic to services and stores websites but not getting paid? but with Skimlinks you are getting paid without (really) linking to any website but just saying something related to that products. Its cool, we should try it.

4. Linqia An influencer marketing platform for guaranteed influencer marketing success.

Publishers at Linqia can get paid per click and they start paying you $0.80 per click. Everybody can start making money online using Linqia network for affiliates.

Like you can make money from home using linqia when you have a YouTube channel, Social media profile or pages, Forum or website. They convert your shared links into paid links and pay you for every link click. There's a list of requirements for approval of an account at Linqia:
  • Service is available for only North Americans so you should be there to have your account approved
  • 2500+ visitors or 2500 followers on Twitter or 2500 fans on Facebook
  • Your audience should relate to these industries Business, Food, Fashion, Parenting, Travel and like that
  • You have to prove that your audience is engaged with your content and updates
So, if you meet with their basic requirements then there is no way to say bye to this great network. Join them and test them. I hope it will make you easy money. Linqia also pays via PayPal after 10 days of campaign completion.

5. Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Its another and wonderful highest paying affiliate program which you can use for free to generate revenue from your blog and website.

There minimum payout is $50 via PayPal and you will get to use a great in-deep link tool which can generate high paying affiliated links for your content.

They are professional in terms of affiliate marketing and driving huge sales from this method, they are offering publisher and advertiser accounts on one platform for all the needs of affiliate marketing. So it means if you are a company or a publisher you are good to work with this platform. They have many flexible things working for you and they are always ready to welcome new users.

If you are still unknown to affiliate marketing and need to know more about it then stay connected or ask your questions right below in the comments form, I will answer you and also update you with publishing new blog posts about affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

As this is a big industry, I will keep my readers updated for every new platform and working method.

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