How To Come Up with Fresh Content Ideas Everyday?

You are in writer's block? Or a news blogger. Wants to know how we can get fresh content ideas for daily blog posting?

Then I have something for you.

Writing on a daily basis is not as easy as many people think. A newbie blogger can't update blogs with fresh content even on a weekly basis.

What about if you got a job at for updating some blogs with new and unique content on daily basis? How you can give them the results they want from you?

I have some tips to follow for this work point. So! You can always come up with fresh and great content ideas. I will share all the secrets for making a killer blog post in effortless manners.

How To Come Up with Fresh Content Ideas Everyday?

Read Other Blogs and Steal Ideas!

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look once. Don't think that the blogging niche you are working in is only for you. There are many individuals who are blogging about your selected topic.

And the question is how we can get or steal ideas from other blogs ? Look below for answer

The quickest and easy to do method for finding good blogs in your niche. You can use a tool like Instant RSS Search. See below screen shoots for knowing how to use it professionally. Read bordered lines.
Instant RSS Search Engine
You just have to type a word in above search box and it will instantly show a number of feeds. For example we are in search of hosting related feeds and we type "hosting" in search box. See what we got.
hosting in rss search
Now if you click RSS FEED you will be redirected to original feeds page. If you click on PREVIEW FEED it will show you top 10 latest posts in that feed page. Thanks to Digital Inspiration (

After finding good feeds you can follow them using your favorite feed reader. Than you can easily got new and fresh ideas to make blog posts on daily basis.

Got Some Keywords? Don't Know What Works for You?

Here is a solution.

Simple do a keyword research! Yeah! Don't actually steal others work. Just get inspiration and if you got some good keywords (you like to write on them) than try to do a keyword research.

And if we talk about keywords research tools. is best and amazing. See below how it can help you.
do a keyword research!
This is what we got while searching for "hosting services".

You can get same results. In my case I will write on "hosting services on an untrusted cloud" this is a good longtail for perfect blog post.

Wait: There are tow options on one is for keyword suggestions and second is for questions. Means what people search in form of a question. Results maybe same. But you can try it :)

Next: Now You Have a Good Post Title. Learn How You Can Write on That Title

In our case we have a our post title discovered which is "hosting services on an untrusted cloud".

We have done a simple search on Google using this term "hosting services on an untrusted cloud" and see what we got.
Google search
If you do it same as I do.

You will got better results. Then read out all articles about your desired search term and try to more professional about that topics (available on that articles you found in Google search).

Don't copy. If you can than do better then that articles. Hope you will get rankings (higher rankings). Again I am saying. This is only for getting inspiration from others :)

That's all for now

I think this is enough for now. You can easily generate fresh content ideas for posting daily articles on your blogs.

I will do more hard-work for you all. Peace. Happy Blogging!