eXclusive List of Resources for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers +tips

Are you a beauty or fashion blogger? Looking for resources to take your blogs to the next level?. Believe me! Fashion blogging is a rich blogging area and you have to beat many competitors. By beating I mean "Dominating others with awesome and up to date content".

If you have great resources and tools plus advices. Then! You can done it without consuming your precious time.
eXclusive List of Resources for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers +tips
People in fashion industry are always ready for new trends and news online. You can follow them and send them your blog link. They definitely visit your blog.
How about if Taylor Swift visits your blog and she found nothing? or garbage content.
Listen! You have to work on daily basis for getting success in fashion and beauty blogging. Here I am available with eXclusive list of best resources for fashion and beauty bloggers. Read them.

Best Resources for Beauty/Fashion Bloggers

Photography Tips for Fashion/Beauty Bloggers

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  • Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use its settings
  • Go to your street and take some pics while public is walking and smiling
  • You can set your camera on the roof for a best scene of sun set.
  • Hold a cup and take a selfie
  • You can take pics of your laptop with its table
  • Put a pencil on a opened book and take a snap
  • Try to edit your images in Photoshop
  • Create your own frames and color plates
  • Try to make black and white versions of photos
  • Add some awesomeness to pics using filters

Can't buy DSLR? Use free Stock photos!!!

If you are a new blogger and can't buy camera for taking pictures. Then here on internet you can work like a pro. If you have a camera its better. But! You don't have to worry about images in your blog posts. There are many guys who helping new bloggers by giving them free stock images.

Open any website from this list and search for royalty free full HD stock images.

Here is a great list of websites where you can download free stock imagery.
  1. Morgue File: At Morgue File you can find 100 of 100s royalty free stock images. It is hard to use.
  2. JE shoots: It is a amazing website. It has 6 different categories and provide photos with CCo license.
  3. Picography: It is a best free stock image search tool. You can get royalty free photos to use anywhere.

Create Social Media Profiles

This is easy and a good way for getting more subscribers/visitors on your blogs. Use all major social networking platforms. Because they can perform good for you. You can add your profile links to your blog. You can update your readers with latest blog posts by sharing a link to your profiles.

Many celebrities will re-tweet your blog posts. Many will share them with their followers. Think what you will get if Katy Perry re-tweet your latest blog post?. She is on the #1 at twitter according to followers counting.

Read a list of top social medias to create profiles on them.
  1. Facebook has more than 900,000,000 unique monthly users
  2. Twitter has more than 310,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  3. LinkedIn has more than 255,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  4. Pintereset has more than 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  5. Google+ has more than 120,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  6. Tumblr has more than 110,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  7. Instagram has more than 100,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  8. VK has more than 80,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  9. Flickr has more than 65,000,000 unique monthly visitors
  10. Vine has more than 42,000,000 unique monthly visitors

Trendy Blog-post Ideas!!!

Every fashion blogger have to update his blog many times a day. Many fails in beauty/fashion blogging because they can't update their blogs.

You know how to easily update your blog on daily basis?. If no then read below.
  • Watched a movie? and it inspired you. Write about heroine's dressing and other things.
  • Attend concerts take snaps. Then at 11PM write about that concert and styles you see their.
  • Write about your own wearing styles and techniques. People will love them.
  • Write about upcoming fashion weeks and other programs.
  • Write about how to style a car, smartphone, room etc...
  • Write about celebrity gossips and give latest news about them to your readers.
  • Use some tools for creating awesome title tags. Like Portent
  • Make a monthly blog post with a title like "10 Top Photos of 10 Top Models in This Month".

Monetize Your Fashion/Beauty Blog

monetizing hand
Now! Its time to generate income from your blog. Use a best tool for monetizing your blog. Don't bother your readers with annoying ads.

Make sure you have a ad network which can perform great for your. You can try other things to earn money through your blog.

Read about how you can monetize a blog correctly and in right way.
  1. Sell what you can:

    This works on fashion and beauty blogs. You can make your own products or sale others. If you consider selling handmade products like jacket, tees etc. You can sale more and make your own fashion store.
  2. Work with Ad-networks:

    This will handle your half day work. You can concentrate on creating new content. Google Adsense is best at selling advertising space on blogs.
  3. Consult new brands:

    If you are a pro fashion blogger than you can consult new brands. Many new brands want to get latest solutions for selling their handicrafts. Make a page for them and include your previous feed-backs. Charge per hour.


Well! That was a first post for fashion and beauty bloggers. We will show you more great ideas and tips to follow. Make sure you have bookmarked us. Happy Fashion Blogging!

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