How To Be A Successful Guest Blogger In A Week

The guest posting is a lead generating system for all of us (bloggers).

We can take many benefits from this like linking to big sources and expanding the possibilities.

Hey! Link building is not dead, right?

You just have to think again.

For example: what you need in a guest post to publish on your own blog? keep it in mind and start writing one for your favorite blog.
How To Be A Successful Guest Blogger In A Week
Don't be horny for just a single link.

If you write a guest blog post for readers of that blog which you want to target, then you can have many chances for writing a guest post again.

It makes more positiveness in editor's mind, so you can generate many links.

Know your niche and your buddies

First and foremost things are you and your target blog/site.

Focus on searching for more relative niche blogs/sites, where you can submit your article and you are 100% sure for acceptance of your work.

Because you can only submit your guest contribution to a blog which is a same niche blog you are writing in/about. For example: If you send us a "insurance" related guest article, we can't publish it on All Blog Things.

Got the point ? read more.

Research and get audits

After knowing of the niche and buddies. The best thing in the world for any work is research and auditing.

You can use this method for your A class guest blog post.

For me: I use Twitter and Google for searching related content to a word or keyword. For example: I first go to Twitter and search using hashtag. Then I open the Google and take research on that topic I discovers in Twitter.

Furthermore: If you are looking to create a article on technology news. Then you can go with Twitter using the term #tech or #technology. It will give you thousands of articles for getting an inspiration. After that you can do a research on that topic you just discovered using Twitter.

Take a head start professionally

Its time to write, write and write quickly.

Like me: As you can see I started writing about this topic from the first line for this article. To be a successful guest blog try to write to the topic.

Don't write stories, write benefits first. Like I wrote "guest posting is a lead generating system for all of us".

All you have to done in a quick guest post is: Write down the benefits of that topic you're covering in your article. Make sure your writings are worth to be true. Faking people can't give you authority.

Everyone likes the fresh fruits

Just like fruits, bloggers loves the fresh content.

Be fresh when writing a blog post. Take a shower if needed. Open your window and set your laptop at main window of your room. It will make you more freshen with your ideas.

Read the guidelines for guest blog post from that website you want to publish your work on.

Be conscious while typing words and don't stop. Write as it comes to your mind, you can then format your copy later.

Submit the best only

Submit your A+ content.

Not copied or spinned articles. Many guest bloggers do this trick. Many got some bucks. But wait! Here we want you to be a successful guest blogger in your industry.

So! Make your own content. You can search for inspirations.

Final wordings

As this is the final wording area of out article. You can take this advice from my side.

Yes! Include a conclusions or final words area at end of your all blog posts (guest posts).

It will increase your article's maturity and make it full not half. Happy Blogging!