How To Earn Money At Upwork - In 3 Steps

Are you good in something you can work with laptop? Are you in the online working community? Any web-development skill you have? Writing to developing, what you can do online?

UpWork is a platform for you! (old is Odesk)

You can make extra (handsome) income using Upwork, a online work-station for bright minded people.
How To Earn Money At Upwork - Odesk
You can join there, to get more money using your skills. Only you have to prove yourself by doing some easy tests. Yes! That tests are easy for skill holders. If you are newbie at something you whiling to offer on Up-work, you can learn that thing first.

Now read about "How We Can Earn Money Using Upwork" at our homes.

How To Setup An Account On Upwork

Creating an account on up-work is easy now.

If you have some skills to provide to upwork's clients, then you can create an account easily. Follow below steps.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create an account button
  3. Click on Contractor text
  4. Fill-in the information that pages asks to you and click on Get started
  5. Now click on Create a profile button
  6. Fill the required information and click on Continue
That's all, you are done. Now navigate to your E-mail host and open new messages. Upwork will send you a email to verify your account. After that you will have a account to get started on Up-work.

How To Pass Upwork Skill Assessment Test

After creating an account and profile on Upwork it is time to pass a test.

This test can lead you to offer service on up-work from 2 to 20. As well you perform in test the number of jobs (you can offer) will increased for you.
It is must to pass "readiness test" before adding a job to your profile. Readiness test is a open-book test for newbies at up-work.
Here I am giving you the simple trick to pass skill assessment test (readiness test) on upwork. Follow below tips.
  1. At find work menu you can click on on Test button. It will take you to the testing page
  2. From the menus click on "readiness test" (after some steps click on start test button) and follow below guidelines
  •  It's better to read any single line of text during test. You can not only pass this test just by reading. You can have many tips for using up-work as a good teacher online.
  • Open another tab in your internet browser. Where you can find answers for your test.
Hmm! Is I said, this test is a open-book for all of you. If you are good in any online working area. You can pass this test with ease.

How To Find A Job

Next step is to find a job for making money on upwork.

Only you have to use Find Work button for this step. After you click on that tab, it will show some categories.

You can select any you would like to work on. Now you will see many jobs available in that category. Select any job you can easily do.

Now you have to answer some questions. Answer like a pro.

If employer like you request. He/She will send you a invitation for interview. Give interview with a professional style. If employer like you, he/she will send you a notification.
Before doing job, verify that person using the software you have installed on your device during "readiness test". Complete the job and track payment time.


This is first time I write about Odesk/Upwork. I will add more articles on this topic.

Try to do, what you can do. Only offer that jobs which you can done easily. Happy Earning on UpWork.