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Learn: How Can Blogs Be Used In The Classroom? - The Pros & Cons

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Nov 2, 2015

at: / Edited by: Umer Idrisi
Are you a teacher at hi-tech college or school? You want to learn more about online things to teach students with ease?

All other questions counted in below infographic. Let's read more about how you can use blogging and blogs in classrooms. What can be happen and what you can discover.
Learn: How Can Blogs Be Used In The Classroom? - The Pros & Cons
Personally: I recommend you to use blogs in classrooms only at hi-tech schools, colleges and universities. Where students can buy a laptop (at-least).

Blogs In Class Rooms - Infographic

Blogs In Class Rooms - Infographic

Some other things for teachers!

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using blogs at classrooms.

But keep in mind: World is changing day-by-day. You have to be in the latest technology for giving more A+ study to your students. This your mojo right?

Now many students including Pakistani and Indian have laptops at their homes. They can learn as much as you give them the way to learn.

You can make use of internet for teaching, using blogging. Try it now :)   Image via iStockPhoto

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