How To Create High Quality Content For Blogs

Let's learn the procedure of creating high quality content for blog on daily basis.

Content creation is a toughest step in making of a great blog.

People out-there wants good and unique content as an answer to their searching terms in search engines.

We (webmasters) have to learn the basics and modern content creation techniques, so that we can provide much more information to our dear readers.
How To Create High Quality Content For Blogs
As many said: Content Is King.

You know how to make content king?

Here I'm explaining it very well.

Read out this entire blog post and make your blog reachable to your targeted audience.

They will love your creations, if you do as I suggest you.

Know your borders

Knowing your ending points and starting points can lead you to the success.

On a blog knowing borders is to know about the type of readers/audience. Try to audit your blog on daily basis and then weekly. After a month try to figure out what type of people visits your blog.
  • Where they come from? 
  • Which medium is perfect for sharing your blog posts?
  • What type of blog posts got more comments? or social shares.
  • What people type at search engines and found your blog?
  • Is you have that blog posts which where searched and people coming on your blog?
There are many other questions. If you want to know about your audience as better as professional bloggers. These lines can motivate you.
Ask your friends and relatives what things they would look for if they were your potential customers. Find online forums that appeal to your audience. Keep on top of what your industry buzz is about for successful target marketing. Use market research to find vendors and content providers. via - kenmcarthur
Yeah! Your family and friends can suggest you better then online analysis.

Take note of that audits, and use them for article creation

After having much information about your audience, with tips from your friends and forums.

You can make use of that information for creating next viral article for your blog. Try to find key points from that information and note it down.

Now! You have many ideas for your next blog posts. Try to find key-words and then read this article. All you have to do is type your key-words in Google search, and you can make a much better blog post title idea.

That technique is 100% original and works great on any topic any niche. You can use it as much as you can. There is no need of using any tool to search for high ranking keywords.

Cover all topics as we suggesting you

If you want to write on a topic with less information. You can do it by following our tips.

All topics on the internet and blogs have to be in three major points.
  1. Starting point: Write a summary and some information about your topic.
  2. Main article: Write down all the things where must to be written.
  3. Final words: Write a final word paragraph for readers.
Read out my recent guide for a more deeper look on creating a seo friendly blog post.

Add a call-to-action

After putting hard-work on your blog posts.

What you want a reader do at end of the article? probably some of these things.
  • You want people to subscribe to your newsletter?
  • You wish they share your blog post?
  • You like if they read other related posts? (I like it)
  • You want them to buy something from your side?
Also many bloggers want readers to know about them. So! They can make their social profiles more popular and worthy.

Adding a call-to-action (any call-to-action) can make you 35% better then empty ending articles. As you can see on many big website/blogs, next blog posts where automatically loaded after your scroll-bar get its position at article's conclusions area.

Don't forget to add an feature image

Adding a image at starting point of your blog post can make your article look professionally designed.

The main things to have in mind for adding a image to your blog posts are
  1. It is small in memory size
  2. A 500px in width and 250 or 300px in height is perfect size
  3. The image must be relative to your blog post's title
  4. If you can't create/make an image, search using and give proper credits to the owner
I recommend you to create your own images. Add watermarks and upload them to your blog posts. For knowing about images seo read my most recent blog post here.


In blogging you have to compete with many professionals.

I know you are a newbie. But! Have this line your mind: Every one is a newbie at his first step on blogging. Some got success and many quit it for no reason.

If you can do hard-work, you can make something for you. Happy Blogging!