How To Earn Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Want to earn more money with your blog? using amazon associates?

The good news is they have launched a fully automated system like Google adsense to show ads upon your users interest, even you can select a custom category and tags.

You can target your chosen items to sell on your blog by amazon affiliates account and all the work is done by amazon. There's nothing like encouraging readers to buy products and something else, you just have to show them related products.

Wait, if you are not from U.S. than read this post and forget amazon native advertising system (just for now).
How To Earn Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads
Now, if you are U.S. citizen you can enjoy this opportunity.

As I am from Pakistan, I could not provide you a earnings report, but I can give your the guarantee that you'll earn money as many of my friends are earning money through this newly launched ads tool by amazon.

How I got to know about this system?

Hahn! Today after switching on my laptop, I found many spam comments for my blog and were busy in deleting all of them. Dramatically I saw a comment saying "show amazon native ads instead of Google adsense and make more money" and I Google it for more information.

After reading 4 articles what I get, I am writing here for you and believe me many of the amazon native shopping ads users are getting more money comparing to Google adsense.

If you are not aware of amazon before, then please consider reading below information and then head over to main article.

What is Amazon Native Shopping Ads

It's something you can call related items widget by amazon with awesome features.

It shows the related items to your site's content and force reader to buy product from amazon with a pleasing design and targeting strategy.

You earn for only first product sell? NO.

You can earn money on any sell the buyer makes from using your referral link, for example:
Ali is a reader of your blog and he clicked on a amazon native ad from your blog, after that he closed the tab and after some hours he bought some items from amazon even those you don't recommend. You'll still earn your commissions.
  • It means: If someone once visit amazon store from your blog, or any ad shown on your blog/site using amazon native shopping ads program and make a purchase even for that product you are not recommending on your blog. You'll earn your commissions up to 8% of the sell.
As many products your referred person will buy, you'll make money on the go. In many cases you can earn hundreds of dollars in single day (depending on products and referrers).


The amazon program for affiliates is not a scam system, its a fully trust able program tested by many bloggers around the globe and active since many years.

Get started with amazon native shopping ads

Bear in mind that this system work great only on niche sites/blogs, I mean if you have a fashion related blog you can use it or if you have health related blog you can make money using this program.

If you are running a website on news topic or any blog with daily updating news type articles, than this program might not work good for you.

So, it's up to you!

For getting started with Amazon automatic ads system you just have to follow below simple steps:
  1. Go to amazon associates and create ad code for native ads
  2. Choose product type and select category
  3. Add custom keyword(s) and get ads code
  4. Copy and paste the ads code anywhere on your website
That's all you need to start with amazon native advertising. Now read it in details.

1. Go to Amazon Native Shopping Ads homepage 

After visiting that homepage you can see a clean web-page just like the screen shot (below) and now click on Create Ad Code >> Recommendation Ads (the yellow button)
 Amazon Native Shopping Ads homepage
Now it will take you to the next page, where you have to select product type and category to filter ads performance and newness.

Select your category and product type after doing this scroll down and see more information.

Select a default category and add some keywords to relate ads for more targeted native ads. Don't change anything else and don't add to much keywords.

Copy the generated ad code and paste into your website's HTML area. If you are at blogger follow below steps:
  1. Go to your blog's layout settings and select "Add a widget" now JavaScript/HTML
  2. Now paste the copied ads code in big box and click on "Save" button
  3. Save edits and show your blog
It's all done, you can start earning money and seeing ads instantly and here's a overview of those ads.
overview of amazon native shopping ads
If you are a WordPress user, you can do this with some plugins such as Ad-inserter and Ad-injection


That's all for now,

I don't have much information about this program, if you have something please tell my audience and make this article more informative.

Thanks for reading "How To Make Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads" :).