How To Get Your Blog In Front Of The Right People

Are you getting visits on your blog, but nothing like earnings or subscribers?

Probably you are getting visitors from misleads and unwanted sources or maybe from Google and you don't have compelling content on your blog.


If someone visits your blog searching a keyword on Google and go back in some seconds, it sounds like huge traffic for some days with less ROI and leads and after next algorithm you'll be gone.

It happens to many bloggers here in this world (maybe different for aliens).

One old blog of mine was getting really targeted traffic from almost all search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But, I can't update that blog as I don't have something great to share on that blog.

Guess what? Visitors of search engines visits my blog for a totally different topic which I can't cover, but for a test I have published a post there with nothing but keywords and a sorry line.

Even, I put ads on that page and got $2.95 in some hours (banner and link ads) and the CPC (cost per click) was $0.06 only.

Not bad!
You maybe amazed to read that "I deleted that blog after some days".
Because its nothing for me, that blog was good and earning well. But people wants me to publish on blog something I can't give them.
How To Get Your Blog In Front Of The Right People
Which means I can't have a good traffic in near future and can't earn like I tested, That's why I deleted the blog to focus on other blogs I can manage easily.

  • I am not encouraging you to give up. Work hard and make sure you are doing something you can do for hundreds of thousands of days in future.
Assuming that you are doing blogging the right way, I have arranged a informative article to let you know "how you can drive targeted and right traffic to your blog".

Why to target a group of audience?

Nowadays everything depends on your niche and industry.

As blogs perform very well when you work on a niche and provide content just for some chosen topics, for an example:
You have a niche blog about "car loans" what type of articles you'll produce? I think you can write on How to get a car loan, Getting car loans fast, Car loans companies in USA or something like that.
Loans is the industry and car loans is a niche for you blog, so be specific and write to the point articles which readers read easily and get knowledge.

Another fruity example:
  • Suppose you are a doctor and you opened a barber's shop, who will visit your shop? Probably no-one from your family or friends!
All other people just visit your shop to know how they can stop anxiety and other diseases, and its better to open a clinic rather than hair cutting salon.

In simple words "Be Who You Really Are". Let's read the main thing below.

Don't ask for backlinks, create unique content

Asking is not professional!

You should use your imaginations to create outstanding content with a compelling idea. There's no need to ask for links, because it is not a professional turn and can't make you a authority in your niche.
Just create compelling content and watch the links pour in -
So! Its something you can do for getting good quality backlinks.

Content is still a king in blogging, you should concentrate on content rather than creating links to your blog which is nothing but just a blog.

First try to engage people with your informative blog posts and have sufficient articles before diving into backlinking, if you are good you don't have to ask for links they'll come automatically.

Use social media to generate traffic and leads

Social media is playing a vital role in blogging and generating traffic to your blog.

We couldn't avoid the benefits of social media networks, as Google considered social signals too. As 54% of B2B marketers claim that they get leads using social media networks, than why you can't?

Follow below tips to use social media:

Don't ask your followers to buy something from your great website or visit your blog, instead try to encourage them with great postings.

People want information and value in your social media posts with some breaking news and entertaining content.

That's why I say "Give them best and get best" which means if you post engaging content on your social media networks than it will be nice to post your next blog post to your followers after 5/7 random posts.

Here the content marketing comes in work and if you can do it professionally than you do wonders in content/social marketing.

Check the social media sharing and scheduling guide (below):
Guide by
If they get information in your random posting (not for your blog/site) they will definitely visit your blog and read posts.

Personally: Whenever I post some quotes on my blog's social media profiles "I got 655% more views (on social profiles)" after posting 5/7 random posts I can get 300% more views for my blog post sharing on social profiles.

How much backlinks should we create for one article?

Now that's what we have to learn about for must, its a essential thing in blogging and SEO.

You do backlinking? Where you link your blog? at homepage or static pages?

Maybe you create links only to your homepage! Its not a good thing, we should create links for our latest posts too. As you can see the Moz's report below:
Moz on link building for your blog posts
Nothing but one link!

And you buy links? LOL!

Forget buying links from any source/company or person, and start creating high quality content which at least get 1 link from any authority blog/site in your niche.
Now I can say: With just one link we can rank higher in SERPS.

Still have doubts?

I can help,

If you are still thinking about how to get your blog in front of the right people for getting most of it, than please let me know via comment form below.

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