How To Create Your Own Free Website?

Looking for a hassle free way to create your own free website with free domain name of your choice and unlimited web hosting?

Not just this, you want a drag and drop page builder, a easy way to publish new blog posts? and all other features such as Template customization and choosing from thousands of templates, quick edits, free stats and other monitoring plugins.

Here I am going to show you a totally legit and easy-to-do way for building your own free of cost website. I just want you to know how a big platform (WebsiteBuilder) is making it possible for you.

Also, you have the hold on your website, you can do whatever you want to do with your blog. They have already coded and beautifully designed templates for your, so you can choose any type of theme to design your blog in a professional and unique way.
How To Create Your Own Free Website?
Its a good tool for newbies who can't code or use any CMS (WordPress etc) it provides almost all the features even you can't find in major blogging and website creating platforms.

If you are new to creating websites from scratch than its a essential platform for you, as you don't need knowledge or skills of web-designing you can start from scratch with just clicking on some buttons.

Why to use Website Builder?

There are a number of reasons why this platform is good for your first free website.

If you want to read the features and goodies of WB then please read below (other wise scroll down and read main content).

Free of cost:

It's something out of box, you can build your very own and professional website without limits and you can get free domain + free hosting and all great features.

Feature rich platform:
  • Free domain name, free hosting
  • Free website and one-page web-page builder with blog setup
  • Fully drag and drop interface
  • Skills and experience is not needed
  • Quick social media integration
  • 1000s of free read-made templates to choose from
  • Help and support for SEO
  • Up to $200 free of cost advertising credits
  • eCommerce support (for paid accounts)

What you want? Let's read more and get your website live now for free in just 5 minutes.

Creating a website for free in 5 easy steps (in a nutshell)

  1. Open the free website builder
  2. Fill a simple for and signup for an account
  3. Choose a template and click on edit button
  4. Edit things and hit the Publish button
  5. Now type your desired website address and click on Publish My Site
All done, you website is fully launched and working. If you want a descriptive guide than see below.

1. First of all go to websitebuilder.comand click on "Start Your Free Website" button
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 1
2.Type your name, email and a password. After that click on "Get Started" button
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 2
3. Now choose your desired template from categories and hit "Edit" button
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 3
4. Now wait for some seconds (website builder takes some time for loading the editing tools)
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 4
5. Now edit your website's content and looks, after you done hit "Publish" button
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 5
6. Your website is ready, now choose your favorite URL for your website and hit "Publish My Site!" button
How To Create Your Own Free Website? step 6
7. Congratulations, your website is created click on that type of link and review your own professional website

Please NOTE: is just for testing purposes.

You'll get your own unique domain name from Website Builder. You can also re-edit your website's looks and articles.


Only bad thing is they show a little banner at footer area of all the pages on your free website like below one:
ads for free website cost

You can hide this banner by upgrading your account.

You can ask your problems to their team by using email support, in any other case you want me to help you out.

Than you can ask in comments. Stay happy with your own free website and free domain name + hosting and great features.