9 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog In Reality

Blogging and making money in this world is easy (not very easy).

If you are a blogger and willing to make money through your blog, you should make it worthy and valuable to start earning money as now you have to compete with billions of other bloggers.

As people want information "real information" even they are using their social media profiles or reading your blog, they search for information about anything they are thinking about and that's how they browse the internet.
9 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog In Reality
If you can give them desired information using your blog, you can make money using different methods such as by showing ads, affiliate marketing, paid courses and more.

Do you have a quality blog? If Yes? Then this article is a must-read for you.

Here I am sharing top and best of best 9 ways to make money from your blog like professionals.

What do we've to add to a blog to make money?

There are millions of blogs available on the internet, but not that all make money for their owners. Even many authority blogs are not monetized.

If you really want to make money from your blog, you have to create amazing content and firstly make it respectable and big in meanings of information and authority.

The recipes a blog should have in its kitchen are:
  1. Useful methods and tricks for anything you can do or teach
  2. You must provide informative content
  3. Your blog must look interactive
  4. Your blog should cover factual things not fictional like Hollywood movies
After you have attained popularity for your blog traffic will come automatically and you can start monetizing your blog the way you can easily monetize.

To make it easy for you, I have researched and created a great list of 9 ways to earn money from your blog. Learn more by reading below.

1. Make Money by Advertising on Your Blog

There are 5 mostly do-able ways in advertising on your blog, it's not just about showing ads on your blog. You can do more different advertising on your blog such as:
  1. PPC and CPM advertising
  2. Sell direct advertisements on your blog
  3. Selling text links on your blog
  4. Using popup ads to monetize your blog
  5. Publishing sponsored reviews to get fast money
Now read these five methods in detail.

1.1 PPC and CPM advertising on your blog

PPC is stand for "Pay Per Click" many times we read it CPC "Cost Per Click" and the CPC sounds professional to many pro bloggers.

It's something like a advertiser will pay you a flat fee for any click you get on ads showing on your blog by the advertiser.

Most trusted and used CPC ad-networks:

1. Google Adsense www.adsense.com

Google adsense is a super-doper CPC advertising network allowing you to show ads on your blogs for free with many features like bidding (cpc or cpm) choosing from many lucrative ad sizes and many other.

If you are a newbie I recommend you to start earning money using Google adsense a free and amazing program for all websites, blogs, apps owners.

2. Media.net www.media.net

Yahoo! Bing Network the media.net is a nice alternative to Google adsense and provides you a cleaner way to show ads on your blog.

They use technology to determine the best ads for your blog and pay on impressions, also many times this network shows ads just like Google adsense.

CPM Meaning - CPM stands for "Cost Per Mile” and refers to the cost per 1,000 impressions. It is also commonly said that the M in CPM represents the Latin M that stands for thousand. It is sometimes referred to as CPT “Cost Per Thousand”, as it’s a more direct way of showcasing the cost per 1000 views of the ad.

For example: If you charge $5 CPM on your blog, it means an advertiser must pay $5 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad get from your blog.

1.2 Sell direct advertisements on your blog

Are you getting good traffic on your blog? and don't want CPC or CPM ad networks to lower your earnings? you can start with direct advertising.

It's the simplest way to generate money monetizing your blog. Just create a "advertise with us" page on your blog and add stats of your blog such as Traffic per month, Impressions per month, available ad spaces, and rankings of your blog (Page-rank or Alexa).

If you want an automatic system for selling direct ads on your blog to set a monthly flat budget you can start using some networks such as:

1. Buy Sell Ads www.buysellads.com

If you want to automate selling ads on your blog, you can start with BSA. It's a dedicated ad marketplace for website/blog owners to sell and buy ads from various available ad spots.

Only bad thing with BSA is they don't accept low traffic blogs which means if you are a newbie in blogging, you can't get their services.

2. Publicity Clerks (now adclerks) www.adclerks.com

Its a great alternative to BuySellAds for those who can't get their blog approved by BSA.

They will accept you with decent traffic (500 or 700 page-views/day) and you can set your price for ads on monthly basis.

You can payout your earnings via PayPal only!

1.3 Selling text links on your blog

If you are not satisfied with the above steps you can try this. Links selling is another way of generating revenue from your blog.

I recommend you to use some networks like Infolinks for selling text-based ads on your blog. As link selling is not a good way, showing ads in different words can be a revenue stream.

Here are the top two link-ads networks:
  1. Adsy.com
  2. Whitepress.com
  3. Blogmanagement.io
  4. Infolinks.com:

    They are good at in-text advertising and pay you on Pay Per Click system, the double-underlined text shows the ads after clicking or hovering. You can payout your earnings even via Western Union and PayPal.
  5. LinkWorth.com:

    Its a awesome alternative to Infolinks and gives you the handle on your text-link-ads. You can get your earnings (minimum $25) via PayPal, Check and EFT, and they also offer paid reviews.

1.4 Using popup ads to monetize your blog

I accept, that popups will make your readers annoyed with your blog and many professionals call it an idiotic way of monetizing a blog.

But, Belief me. It's still a good way to earn money "if you are new to blogging and want instant money".

As I have a good program to tell you that they pay you daily and you can get your earnings in your PayPal account even if your earnings or $5.

www.PopAds.com is a great platform, join there and start getting money on daily basis.

1.5 Publishing sponsored reviews to get fast money

Thinking about why to create outstanding content for free and mention great products or websites in your blog posts?

You should try offering paid reviews as sponsored reviews, in this, you will be paid for doing what your love.

You just have to review a product or service online and you can even set your own price per review.

www.SponsoredReviews.com is a platform for you to get paid reviews to publish on your blog for a flat rate, and rate may depend on your blog rankings and traffic.

2. Making money with Webinars!

In doubt? how the big planers are making money by doing webinars?

Are they selling their product? asking for actions from attendees or they put a pay and enter gate next to webinar?

There are many ways to earn real money by doing webinars on different topics such as Blogging, SEO, Marketing, Health Issues, Finance and any niche you are doing blogging on you can hold an webinar.
Some great ways to earn money through webinars are listed below:

2.1 Selling your own products

Are you have your own specific product? are you doing webinar on same topic?

If yes, than you can make money selling your own product to webinar attendees and guess what? 10 to 30% of attendees will usually buy webinar owner's products.
What you have to do is: Make sure your product is up to date and have more information than your webinar with amazing testimonials and its a specific one.
For example: If you are ready to hold a "Health" related webinar for people to aware about a specific disease than you can mention your "Pills" or a digital product to attendees which can help them fight with that disease.

2.3 Do affiliate marketing in webinars

Can't create your own product? don't have time or much knowledge for this? start with affiliate marketing. Its simple just join any refer to earn program and refer specific products to your webinar audience, when they buy you'll get your commissions.
  • Not just affiliate marketing, you can do even more with webinars.
Just select a specific product which is worthy for your webinar audience and ask that product's owner to show his love.

Ask him to share your webinar details on his social media profiles and if he found your webinar good enough, he will dare to advertise your webinar for free (as he will get many sells from your single webinar).

Yes! It happens.

Many times a little webinar converts more than imaginations.
I was surprised when Clément Delangue, head of marketing at Mention, told me they made $10,000 in just the first two hours after their initial webinar > inc.com
If they can, then we you can't?

You have the power in your own hands, you just have to rethink and you'll see money rolling in ;)

3. Start making money by consulting

Whether you are a teacher, trainer or a expert in any field you can utilize online world to consult and make money.

Many expert humans or doing this and getting high payings from well-known companies and people.

They set their rates on hourly basis and people love to get expert tips and suggestions for their startup or any service they might interested in to start and want someone to speak on their thinkings.
Only you have to do is target right people and give them right tips on how they can grow their network, company or tool.
3.1 Be a consultant online

Rather than wasting your time on getting high CPC rates from ad-networks, focus on your goals and start consulting others.

One tip: Start consulting for free in some starting days and target startups, give them great tips and grow them a little.

After your consultation helps them grow, they will pay you next time and even drop a testimonial which you can use for other clients to pay you high perks.

For example you can see NeilPatel.com a guy blogging on daily basis just for its consulting business and growing networks. He work hard and give his readers fruity information and encourage them to take his always available one spot to talk about businesses.

3.2 Set your own online consultancy network or join one

If you don't want to work hard day and night and finding a way to make money even while you are sleeping?

You can set your own consulting network like Chris Ducker, and all it takes just few weeks.

But, how you can grow your network? maybe with advertising, asking others to join, granting free consultancy for few days and convincing masters to join your network.

Rather than starting your own network, you can try to join a free one and check how your consultancy helps others to grow their presence, business or service online.

Here's a list of top consultancy networks you can join today:
  1. Clarity
  2. Virtual Staff Finder
  3. Maven
Why people will pay you?

Here's what you have to do for getting paid as a consultant online:
  • You have to help them grow by doing their dirty work
  • You've to solve their serious problems
  • You have to bring a new life to any startup before its launch or after
  • You've all the things in your way, so you can make them rich for your own benefits
Its all about helping others in their problems and teaching them how they can escape the black hole and how they can get their business to the next level, and read more about types of consultants.

4. Earn money from sponsorship

Want to get money for your blog? for taking it to the next level and don't have opportunities?

Sponsorship is something can give you a kick start, and in blogging era sponsorship is changed and becomes very easy to hold on.

Simple ways to make money via sponsorship:
  1. Go and find advertisers in your niche
  2. Give them details about your blog (stats and rankings)
  3. Tell them that you can help their business grow fast
After they call you, you can send them a menu including rates of offerings such as guest post, paid reviews, sidebar ads or anything you can provide on your blog.

They'll also pay you for pod-casting about their business or mentioning their services on your blog posts.

4.1 Shout an email to business owners

Just Google some startups in your niche and tell them about your blog.

Convince them by sending details about your blog stats and ranking on internet, provide them the data of your several growing clients and show testimonials about your blog.

Send them a email with offering a flat discount just for that company or startup and tell them what you can give and how it helps them grow.

Offer free guest posts after they purchase a paid ad-spot, or offer paid ad-spot for free after they pay you to review their service, startup or product on your authority blog.

5. Make money selling eBooks on your blog

eBooks perform well in blogging, many people love to read low-cost and unique eBooks on a specific topic.

Here's how you can write an epic book:
  1. Think and find what people mostly love to read on your blog?
  2. Get some keywords and titles for later using
  3. Organize some categories for pages of your eBook
  4. Start writing on all the topics and keywords quickly
  5. Now edit your eBook at least 3 times before going to next steps
All done?

Its time to make a good cover image for your eBook as its a for must step. People see rate your book only by seeing the cover and buy only by reading the description.

So, make sure you have added much information in your book's description area and have designed a precious cover.

5.1 How to make money selling my book?

For eBooks there are various ways to earn money.

It depends on you, how you want to make money from your digital books and how you want them to introduce. Read about some great ways here.

Utilize blogs for reviewing your eBook: Its a simple and (maybe) cost effective ways for you to get lots of sells. You can ask eBook reviewers to review your book on their great blogs. Some of the best blogs for eBook reviews are listed below:
Approach the authors and ask them to review or mention your eBook in their next few blog posts.

If you have luck with you, you'll get a mention or even a full review without paying a penny. In other case one maybe asked to pay for review, and the price is about $50 to $500.

Also, you can sell your eBook directly to Amazon Kindle readers.

*try giving a low quality eBook copy to first 100/150 readers and ask them to send you testimonials and reviews about the copy.

Send the copy to professionals and masters in your niche (don't forget newbies send them too) and many of them will create reviews on their blogs and make people wait for the full launch.

In this case you'll get great selling numbers from first day of your book launch.

6. Earn money speaking in blogging events

Being a speaker at any public event is not an easy job, you have to gain authority first to led people to listen to you carefully so big fishes will pay you to just speak.

Is not that easy? you just have to speak your words in front of the right audience and you get paid for it too!

Nowadays people love to attend seminars and workshops for a paid seat, to get amazing information for starting their own businesses.
Many entrepreneurs are adopting this work style to get their bills paid on advance and getting their bank accounts loaded for payments they have to do in near future.
No, its not a headache thing.

If you can concentrate and got confidence to speak loudly and hardly like your professors in schools and colleges, than you should try to be a paid speaker for public events.

6.1 Make money selling products in seminars?

Again! It depends on your choice, if you want to sell your eBook in real world you should hold a seminar for public launch of the book or others to know about basics of internet marketing.

For example:
  • Your product (eBook, online tool or offline device) is about learning about diseases or health benefits of something cool/worse. You should hold a seminar titling like "Demon of Diseases" or "Big benefits to your health" etc.
Just make sure the title and plot of your seminar is on the same topic of your product you want to sell in seminar.

6.2 Make money by speaking on a fee

You can, but its not that easy!

If you are a good and reputable person in your industry and people ask you many questions related to your industry, you can charge a fee to speak in public events.

Event organizers will hire you and ask you to speak at least 30 minutes or one hour and you can set a fee tag as $500 per hour (you can set your own fee).

It depends on your knowledge and authority in your field.

7. Make money through affiliate marketing on your blog

This is a great and legitimate way of making money on your blog in real, as affiliate marketing is totally a worthy and do-able thing.

Even, if you are a beginner at blogging and or don't have a blog yet, still you can earn money using affiliate links on your social media profiles and pages.
  • There is a big question everyone asks "how much affiliate marketers make?" and the answer is "they can make a lots of money by doing hard work" there is nothing like borders for this.
The best thing is you don't have to invest your time or money on affiliate marketing as you can do it for free using different platforms.

Here I want to show how you can make money through affiliate marketing on your blog.

7.1 Join high paying affiliate/referral networks

Instead of joining the affiliate networks, you should try good and high paying referral programs to make more money on the go.

Here's the list of top-paying refer to earn programs:
  1. RefAround
  2. Linode Referral Program
  3. Refer Autotask Program
  4. Spread Pond5
They pay more than your imaginations.

You can also earn money using native ads programs like Amazon.com and they pay nice commissions.

*if you are good at reviewing services online, than you can make a fortune using your blog by reviewing best products in industry like BlueHost.com.

8. Earn money on your blog by teaching newbies

Teaching and learning is what can't be done and can't be ignored till than doomsday.

If you are master in any field (online to offline) you should start making some videos of your great work and sell them on your blog using different methods such as:
  • Giveaway first few courses
  • After engaging and getting testimonials start paid courses
  • Add more value into your paid courses
  • Set low price so all can buy your personal course
Lets watch "How 10 Instructors Earned $1.6 Million on Udemy in One Year" and find out the potential of teaching online.

9. Make money selling physical products on your blog

Handmade items and other physical products can produce income stream on your blog to give you extra money.

If you can create physical products in your home, than you can earn money selling them on your blog with ease and satisfaction.

As you got the platform (your blog) and you just have to tell people that you are creating good physical products by making some videos of your products and engaging readers to open your blog for upcoming cool products.

I can see many physical product sellers are now generating good money out of their small blogs.

91. What if I can't make physical but want to sell?

Don't worry, if you can't make your own products/items you can sell others.

Just go to sites like Alibaba.com and find low priced (good in quality) products and buy some samples. Don't dare to buy 1000 items without having one sample.

If you like the sample's quality and price, you can make order for 100 or 1000 items.

Now publish some blog posts on your blog such as New things in our country, launching my new product or something like that.

Make readers hustle for your product and launch in 1 or 2 months, and make it possible for readers/buyers to order your product at your blog (don't redirect them to any other platform).



What you need now? Anything else?

Let me know in comments please, as I want you to earn much money using your blogs. Because blogging is a money making tool in online world and there is nothing like full stop next to your earnings, you can make money blogging as much as you work.

Thanks for reading this article and make sure you have shared this with your social media friends :)