Top & Best Pakistani Startups in 2016

With startups our country can start building us, as start-ups give us something new and different to try.

Nowadays many startups are diving in the grounds of our dearest country Pakistan, it means we are getting new-newer start-ups and things happening to serve the best in country.

Today, I am just about to amaze my mind "what the hell startups or doing here" they are making us proud to be a Pakistani.
Top & Best Pakistani Startups in 2016 - go Pakistan go
That's why I am here to create next hub on my blog with new label "Startups" to support new things and to inform you about innovation.

Now without any hassle I want to set your heart on ice-cubes after reading about these 6 top and great to read about startups in Pakistan.

The Smart Collar for your cattle

This amazing startup is made by Mr. Umer Adnan (CEO and Founder of e4 Technologies) in Pakistan, and this is a agriculture business minded startup to let you save your time, money and cows (animals) together.
The Smart Collar for your cattle
As Pakistan is the best known country because of its largest milk producing areas which makes us to stand at 5th spot in the list of top worldwide milk producing countries by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).
With this startup we can give this business a kickstart by automating livestock caring and protection. This new idea and technology will change the way we produce milk and other things from livestock.

How Smart Collar will Work?

Our product is designed specifically for simple operations, so you don’t have to worry about the learning curve. It’s actually pretty easy, you just need to equip your cattle with our smart collar and let it do the wonders. via > Cowlar
Its a set-and-forget device to control your animals and get the information you need at right time.

  • Track activities of your cattle
  • Get information about temperature/heat fluctuations
  • Get help to find diseases in your cattle before real happenings
  • Monitor everything using your mobile or any internet-enabled device
Check Cowlar Now.

Dastawezat Takes Care of Your University Application Submissions

Dastawezat Takes Care of Your University Application Submissions 
Exams and university admissions held at same time in Pakistan, which makes students to lose their seats they deserve.

In that time Pakistani students work hard and they can't get admission in a top-notch university because they failed to get highest marks (because of they don't study well in that days to get admission).

This is a worse thing, even student's families and guardians can't do this like Dastawezat is going to take this pain.

How Dastawezat works?

Its simple,

You've have to send them your documents using WhatsApp or any courier service to tell them which universities you want to apply for, and they'll do the hard work for you just for 500 rupees (fees).

The way Dastawezat will work for students:
  1. Students don't need to get printed copies of their documents, and fuel charges from their parents. They just have to send scanned or pictured images to Dastawezat through their mobiles.
  2. Just for Rs. 500 you can get registered in any university by sending the fees of registration which is separate to all the universities.
  3. After you send the documents and money, they'll call you to confirm your documents and request
  4. Now you can take rest or work for your exams, as soon as they send your documents and fees to your selected university they will send you a e-copy of Bank Invoice explaining that your fees is submitted
  5. You can even check your application and you'll get your roll number slip in few days (after the university grants you)
Check them out.

Ticket Kataao - Put Ads on Your Cars and Make Money

Ticket Kataao - Put Ads on Your Cars and Make Money
Its a amazing and different startup arranged by Talha Zaheer (founder of Ticket Kataao).

This startup will help regular drivers or travelers to earn money doing what they love with customizing their cars with a singe brand ads.

It could be done in 3 steps and you can brand your car with some or more ads (depends on how much you want to earn) from Rs. 250 to 20,000.

How it works?

If you are a driver or a car owner you can get started in 3 simple steps:
  1. Answer some questions and signup
  2. Download the app for tracking all the things
  3. Stop car thefts by tracking your car and count your earnings using their app
After first step you've to wrap-up your car with chosen advertiser's ads.

Check out Ticket Kataao.

ShadiBox - Making your weddings awesome

Planning about a wedding from dressing to catering is "maybe" easy now- in Pakistan holding $15 billion wedding business industry with a cool startup called ShadiBox by helpless guy Talha Rehman (founder of shadibox).

ShadiBox - Making your weddings awesome
Why I call him helpless? Well he was, when he had to arrange his sister's wedding he come to know that arranging a marriage ceremony is a pain in ass.

And after that he decided to help other brothers (all Pakistanis) to organize any wedding in some hours of search. As the startup is different from OLX.

How ShadiBox can help us?

It's something like Alibaba and OLX, you can easily get your favorite things to buy online for wedding of your loved-one. There is a search engine and categories system to make sure you get your desired deals.

As they manually add vendors into website, you can trust on any vendor to buy with comfortableness.

Checkout the website.

Rise Mom - Empowering Working Mothers in Pakistan

Rise Mom - Empowering Working Mothers in Pakistan
This is what Sihah Waris (Founder and CEO) tells me about her startup when I inbox her at Facebook to know more about this amazing idea:

Hi Umer

Rise Mom is a mediator between parents and day-cares. We help parents find reputable day-cares through our web portal. But that’s not just what we do. Our goal is to establish a sense of complete transparency in the workings of a daycare, in order to ensure your child gets nothing but the best care, and mothers can re-join the workforce with a complete peace of mind.

Our app enables you to view live footage of your child from the daycare, accessible from anywhere as long as you have a wife connection. You receive updates throughout the day about what your child has been up to, whether they are sleeping or socializing with other children, you’ll know it all. There are many more complementary services we offer.

How it works:

  1. Sign up
  2. Search for a day care
  3. Book a daycare
  4. Tap into all the features we have to offer
Checkout the website.

Final words

That's all I get from searching on internet and asking my friends from Pakistan about new and amazing startups (I am also in Pakistan).

If you think that there is a better one or another startup only from Pakistan which should be listed here, than you can comment the link or information even the name of that startup.

After reviewing I will add your suggested startup here. Thanks for reading *I Love My Pakistan.