How To Get Advertisers On Your Blog - Explained

Are you looking for ways to make money from your blog?

Well, there are 101 ways to make money online and making money from blogging is also a great and mostly used method in earning money online industry.

Many bloggers and writers are generating dollars just by typing and updating blog on daily basis, you could too - here I'll explain to you with much information on how you can attract advertisers to your blog.

I got too many Facebook inbox messages regarding this issue and people ask me how they can get advertisers to bid on their available ad-spaces.
How To Get Advertisers On Your Blog - Explained
Explained by Umer Idrisi
They are newbies and don't know the basics of advertising online, as they want me to answer their question I've put together a blog post for them.

I hope you'll get information here and can be able to get advertisers on your blog to make more money by reading this article.

The benefits of attracting advertisers on my blog!

There are a tons of benefits you can get just by letting advertisers know you.

You can make a fortune income on monthly basis, which can pay your monthly bills such as electricity, internet etc.


By getting more advertisers on your blog, you can make your blog a platform and advertisers will compete with one another to get their ads on your blog before someone else.

It also increases your traffic flow and price per ad-space, as their master minds will give your blog a push to check it deeply and they'll also mention your blog on their advertising panel.

Getting advertisers v/s Attracting advertisers

There is a small (big) difference in Getting and Attracting word, as I've explained below.

1. Getting advertisers on your blog:

Its a simple and cost effective way of generating money on your blog just by adding some ads of your favorite advertisers. You can use any network online or you can do it manually (if you can). It depends totally on your mind, and choice is all yours like price to type of ads.

2. Attracting advertisers on your blog:

This is another way of showing ads on your blog to take money from click or impressions you send to advertisers. It is also a method for marketing your blog to brand it and make advertisers fight for your blog, you can do it with Google Adsense and other programs. Simply its a automatic way of generating revenue from ads on your blog.

Now its time to read the basic point of this article, you'll get more information by reading below.

1. Increase authority of your blog

Authority is everything in online to offline world, the one got it will survive and those failed to get it will also fail to survive.

As we want advertisers to pay us for showing their ads on our blogs, we should give them a reason to deal with us.


You have the authority in your industry or niche your blog is about? for an example your blog's topic is luxury cars, then what people think about your blog before they actually visit it?

If they think that your blog is a good one and has real information about luxury cars, then they'll trust on your writing and might show their trust by sharing or commenting on your blog.

And if they think that you have posted just images of some luxury cars without any good information, they'll avoid visiting your blog again "even you are at first spot in Google".

2. Increase TARGETED traffic on your blog

After making good content and setting your blog as authority in your industry or niche, its the next step for getting advertisers.

As a blog mostly on a chosen topic, bloggers tend to get targeted traffic rather than wasting time on un-targeted and low quality traffic.

For an example:
  • 1st: What if you are blogging about "Health Issues" for women and you get men to read that blog?
  • 2nd: What if you are talking about "Hollywood Gossips" and you get readers of any porn-blog?
They might not convert good in terms of clicking or leaving impressions on ads available on your blog.

What works is you get targeted and high quality readers, for example:
You are blogging about "Cricket" and your blog readers are fans of cricket, they'll convert like hell fire.
*Also, you've to get targeted ads to show on your blog by giving details of your audience to your advertisers.

3. Create a OUT-standing advertising page

After getting targeted traffic and setting your blog as a authority one in your area of blogging, its time to give answers to questions of your advertisers.

Any advertiser, Yes any! Will consider getting information about a blog before spending his money for ads.


They want a quick and easiest way to get their ads shown-up on your blog with a little chat with you.

The perfect thing for this is to create a outstanding and informative advertise-with-us page to let advertisers know more about your blog and its stats with the information on how they can advertise on your blog.

A good Advertise-With-Us page mostly show these statistics and information:
  • Page-rank, Domain authority and rankings of your top and pillar articles
  • How people treat with your content and blog, what they say about it
  • Real stats and traffic flow of your blog in numbers
  • Any advertising history or any network you are using for showing ads
  • A form of contact to get in touch with you just by filling it with name, email and a message
  • Suggestions and tips to give advertiser a reason to pay you
You can add as much information as you can on a Advertising page of your blog, as you can make good impression on advertiser's mind.

4. Use of Ads-networks on your blog

Ads-networks do the game when you couldn't create a separate advertising page and can't handle headaches of payment processing to ads design.

There are a number of ads-networks to choose from, as they are best in their own terms and features.

As I mentioned early in this post Attracting and Getting, are the two different methods of showing ads on your blog.

1. How you can attract advertisers on your blog?

With use of a famous and great platform which almost all the publishers and advertising agencies used once in their business time is Google Adsense. Using Google Adsense we can attract advertisers to bid on our ad-spaces and show relevant ads.

2. How you can get advertisers on your blog?

Its same but a different way to get money by showing ads on your blog, as you get targeted traffic you can make most out of it by showing targeted ads with a fix rate of monthly basis. This is possible by joining a ads-marketplace like It is a ads marketplace to get targeted advertisers for your blog and generate revenue.

Things you need to have and final words:

That's all, and you're done? NO..

You've to have these things with you to get it done, such as minimum traffic of 20,000 visitors on your blog/site and a ads-ready theme/template to show ads at right areas of your blog/site.

Above the fold ads perform better than sidebar and in post (after title) ads perform even good as comparing to above the folds.

I will explain it even more if you comment below, I will answer your questions by reply or creating another blog post. Just leave a review of this article by commenting below :)