5 Unknown Signs You're Not An Entrepreneur

"Entrepreneurship is something not about the world, but for you and your world" - Umer Idrisi

Anybody! yes there and where all are the entrepreneurs for now and they think this is the very first title for their self and to get respect.

Stop it please!

Nobody can be a real entrepreneur without doing things like entrepreneurs do.
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Today what we see is every newbie blogger and online worker makes "entrepreneur" the job title and respecting point for his name and fame, to be real and out of falseness please call yourself what you really are not ENTREPRENEUR.

I hate that thing what people are typing on their social profiles and on their about me pages just to get in the list of some entrepreneurs, and believe me they can't even spell this tile or speak out from their lovely mouth.

Here's the checklist of signs to know that who can call him an entrepreneur.
Before reading the exact point of view make sure you trust on my writings as I don't want to hurt you or make yourself blame on you.

I just want to clean the area for real entrepreneurs who got success on their goals with their hard or smart work and they are not some newbies.

Now come to the point, oh that signs :)

1. You think that you are an Entrepreneur while you are just a worker

Working for others on online platforms or at your own offices doesn't make you a man who works with his own mind for his own success and in his own ways.

If you are one from all of them who took orders from many companies or people and earn money completing task, than you are not a entrepreneur.
  • What you can call yourself is a service giving person or a freelancer who works for others and wastes his precious time earning some bucks.
I hate freelancing, what is the scoop?

You work for others on their demands and if you can't done the work in time or in-demand you'll don't make money for your hard work, in many cases your hardly done work will go in a wan of buffalo or donkeys.

What entrepreneurs do is they work with their own spaces and their own ideas to make next big or small business or a thing for world, and they earn money from that one thing.

Guess what? They can earn too much just by one thing and one time hard work, for an example think about Brian Acton and Jan Koum founders of WhatsApp messaging app.

2. You are a hire-able person

Yeah! It is nice to have a page "hire me" on your blogs, but it may makes you un-entrepreneur from real-entrepreneur.


Well, I also wanted to add this page and ready to do tasks for others to have more money. But many others are doing it wrong, they just want their gigs sales and they do tasks in a cheapest price.

What you've to do for right hire-me page or service is:
  • make sure you are good at your offered services
  • you do things on hourly basis not just for $5
  • you are a master and you do jobs with your own happiness
all in one is you've to work with your own mind not with client's and you may offer customized services not like freelancers.

3. You are a barber at your own salon

What if you rest in a office and workers do the work for you for a fixed monthly payment.

But all don't!

Many barbers especially in Pakistan and India have created a job for themselves and they were busy in cutting hairs of their costumers on a daily basis.

Some of them got clever minds and they have opened big salons/parlors with staff to work and they just keep an eye on the work and the authority of salon.

In major cities of all the countries you can get a job as barber in some high quality salons or fashion shops where people want to get styled.

Yes! You'll be a boss, but the work will be yours and truly your happiness. When you think you can work with your hands and you can do any change in your business "this is called entrepreneurship" doing what you love.

Basically what I want to say is "don't put your ass at hard work which you've to do all your life, instead make a plan and work smart with ease of employments".

4. You are an easily employable person

My story!

I was 17 when my dad put some work on my shoulders, not for money but to learn the shop handling and management.

The shop owner was agreed to pay PKR 1500 monthly for my services and I was disagreed, but I've to do that job because of my dad's pressure and kindness.

I left the job straight after my dad goes to abroad and I've left 3 more jobs like this, just because I don't like to work for others "I like to make people work for me".
This is what I want to say "be a unemployable person to be a real entrepreneur"
If you are from that list of people who suffer to get a job in government sector or any other company, than you can't be a entrepreneur.

First learn to work for you and be your own boss.

5. You are aspire to rest more and work less

Would you like to work 24 hours a week? or 4 weeks a month? probably no!

Then you are not a entrepreneur, if you want to be one than you've to learn "how to work all day and night without taking sleep".

Its a matter of your entrepreneurship standards and you should try to work as much as you can, as there is nothing like your 9 to 5 job. In entrepreneurship the timing of work is beyond your imaginations.

All in one "a entrepreneur can't be a sleeping master". By sleeping I mean to say that entrepreneurs just work in their spare times and their hard times too.

I know

Resting is pleasure and we all want to do this all the time, but as I am a entrepreneur by heart "I don't want to rest before accomplishing my tasks to be done and after finishing I love to explore more".


Are you thinking about that who is a real entrepreneur? read below statement :)
A real entrepreneur is how work for his own success or failure and put blame on his self for all his steps, also he is the something nobody can destroy and he works with his mind not others.
Basically a entrepreneur is a real human who is free to do things the way he/she can think.

If you got any question you can submit by leaving a comment using comment form below and I'll answer to all your questions, thanks for reading "5 Signs You're Not An Entrepreneur".