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November 2016 - 2nd Week Earnings Report

This is my first earnings report of one week and I hope you'll get inspiration from this report and start your work instead of losing hope.
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Nov 9, 2016

at: / Edited by: Umer Idrisi
Hey dear well wishers and haters!

This is my proof to make you trust on online world and know that earning money at internet is possible. I am here to provide you an earnings report about another week in my life and this is just another week.

I don't want to make anybody hurt with this report and that is why I don't share my earnings and stats with anyone.
November 2016 - 2nd Week Earnings Report
It may cause some misconceptions as many newbies will think that they can't earn that much I am earning right now and they left their work before earning a penny.

Being a simple boy I don't wanna erase someone's hope of earning money online.
Before giving you the report about my earnings this week, I want you to know that I also do freelance work such as website creating and content writing to any other online work you can imagine of.

My freelance earnings this week:

Freelancing is a work which can be done in a day or a month, even many times we got projects of many online firms for months and years.

This time that work was just a quick one and that's why I say these earnings are just for one week.
  1. I have earned $27 for freelance writing
  2. $116 for giving a project to life for a client
  3. $75 for a website customization and optimization
  4. $52 for providing a SEO report to one client from Pakistan

In total: 27 + 116 + 75 + 52 = $270

So! This is the money I've earned this week by freelancing.

One more income source is by showing ads on this blog and I have added Google Adsense ads on this blog just by the start of this blog.

Sorry guys, I can't share my Adsense earnings as this is against their TOS

Also, I've recently added some direct ad-spaces using PublicityClerks and hoping to see good results in near future.

Plus I have also started my personal blog at

That's all for now, hope you'll take this serious and start to work hard and reach this goal.
NOTE: That earnings are just for a week and you can do the same by reading my up-coming paid eBook.
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  1. Nice question Sumair Hisbani,

    SEO report means, she wants to know about her website's future rankings and about the keywords she can rank her site with quickness.

    I have created a in-depth SEO report to send her every single information about her website.

    That I call a report about search engine optimization with guidelines.


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